Pricing Click-on Cladding

Pricing for cladding products can be confusing, with extra hidden charges adding to the initial costings throughout a project. Our pricing is simple and guaranteed, making it easier for you to plan your costings accurately.

Click-on Cladding Square Metre Rates

All our pricing for Click-on Cladding is provided in square metre rates, allowing us to provide you with a fast, accurate quote. To calculate pricing for your project, simply multiply the number of square metres of Click-on Cladding by the square metre rate provided.

While the system is extremely configurable, allowing for a huge number of sequences and looks, we have developed our pricing guide below to give an indication of the square metre rates for certain profiles and finishes.

For pricing on a specific project, contact us here to discuss with one of our expert project consultants.

Pricing Guide

Get simple, accurate square metre pricing for our range of Click-on Cladding profiles and finishes with our PDF Pricing Guide.

Click-on Cladding Pricing Guide