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We all understand how complicated placing orders can be in the construction industry – making sure you have the correct product, ordering the right amount of material and that you have all the components required to complete the project.

To make this easier for you, we have created a list of all the details and considerations you need to place your order successfully and smoothly. 


Depending on the product and the requirements of your project, some of our materials can take anywhere between 4 to 10 weeks for delivery. Our quality sourced material is sometimes reliant on external suppliers and certain requirements such as certification (PEFC and COC), custom profile, finish, or timber species can affect a lead-time. 

Below is a brief understanding of our lead times for both our Timber and Aluminium products. (Updated 15/7/21)

  • Timber Click-on Battens – 4-6 weeks from placement of order.
  • Timber Tongue & Groove Cladding – 4-6 weeks from placement of order.
  • Aluminium Click-on Battens – 6-10 weeks from placement of order.
  • Aluminium Click-on Cladding – 6-10 weeks from placement of order.
  • Aluminium Façade Blades – 6-10 weeks from placement order.
  • Free Standing Screens – 6-10 weeks from placement of order.

Below are current lead times for products with our aluminium finishes. (Updated 15/7/21)

  • Powdercoat or Anodising – 6-7 weeks from placement of order. Extruded aluminium can be up to 10 weeks.
  • Real Timber Veneer – 8-10 weeks from placement of order.
  • Wood Finish – 8-9 weeks from placement of order.

Accurate lead times will be provided from our logistics team once we have an order in hand. If your project has any special requirements, please contact us directly to discuss lead times.

If your order is required earlier than the lead times outlined above, please contact us and we will do our best to fulfil your order once it has been placed.

Getting ready to place your order

What do I need to give your sales team? We have got a willing sales team ready to help you out with making sure your order is delivered on time to suit your project timeframes. For us to start the process of getting your order ready we do require the following items from you to complete the Bill of Quantities (BOQ):

  • Tender square metre rate pricing (SQM)
  • Specification confirmed – If using a value management specification please include the revised specification
  • Construction drawings or site measurements
  • Sample approved (If timber, it will be a sample with the required coating. If aluminium, it needs to the finish that will be applied to the aluminium, (eg, wood finish, powder coat, etc.)

Once these details are received, we can pass this onto our skilled estimators who will break this up into an itemised BOQ.

What are your payment terms? We require a deposit on placement of order and balance paid prior to dispatch. We have a couple of different settlement discount options available on a project basis.

Requirements to get your order scheduled into production

Happy with the BOQ received and want to go ahead with your order? Perfect! There is a couple of details that we require from you to hand you order over to logistics team to be scheduled into production. Please refer to the below list:

  • Delivery Contact 
  • Account Contact
  • Date material is required onsite
  • Delivery Address (this can be site address or warehouse)

Packing the product and getting it on its way to site

We take packing our material very carefully so that we don’t damage product before it arrives onsite. All our packs are packed with bearers between each layer of timber so that they can be accessible for a forklift to remove off the truck and the mounting tracks are packed separate to the battens.

Needing your packs to go to different areas on site? We can separate the material on the BOQ so that they can come labelled and packed separately for each area. This is available at an additional fee however it does stop a lot of sorting out onsite.

If you have got any further questions regarding placing your order, please contact us.