Sculptform Rubio Coatings

The natural look of timber provides a unique warmth and authenticity when used as a lining for walls and ceilings, loved by designers all over the world. Coatings are the most efficient way to protect the timber from factors such as moisture and UV exposure, which is why we are pleased to announce our new range of timber coatings from Rubio Monocoat, based in Belgium.

A change driven by demand

This expansion in our timber coatings range comes from our passion for enabling incredible architecture and design. After receiving feedback from clients who required a natural-look coating for both interior and exterior applications, we began to research how we could meet that need.

With a huge range of colours and some unique technical aspects, Rubio was an outstanding choice to add to our range. Established in 1906 but operating as Rubio Monocoat since 2005, Rubio is a world leader in timber coatings due to their developments in technologies such as molecular bonding.

How Rubio coatings work

While Rubio’s different coatings are used on all sorts of timber applications such as furniture and flooring, the range which suited our needs was the Rubio WoodCream. 

These water-based coatings provide a sleek, matt finish through a process called molecular bonding, allowing the coating to be worked into the grain of the timber and accentuate the natural grain patterns. 

As the name implies, WoodCream is a water-based cream which makes the timber extremely water repellent. This protection stops moisture from being absorbed into the timber and causing issues with stability, which is particularly useful for exterior applications exposed to the elements.

The benefits of Rubio coatings

  • The look of raw timber, with the protection of a coating. 

The natural beauty of timber is one of its greatest attributes, which is why we are regularly asked for the best coating to preserve the authenticity of timber with a matt finish. Rubio Clear protects the timber as the other colours do, without affecting the appearance of the timber.

  • Water repellent and self-cleaning

The water repellent nature of Rubio coatings not only prevents the water from penetrating the timber, but also acts as a self-cleaning mechanism. As the water cant be absorbed into the timber, it simply slides off, removing the buildup of excess materials such as dust.

  • Cannot flake or peel

Being a water-based cream, Rubio coatings cannot crack or peel in the way that film based coatings can.

  • Zero VOC

The application of Rubio coatings generates zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), minimising the effect on the environment.

  • Low maintenance

Maintenance is a key issue with clients, who often love the look of timber but hate the idea of maintaining it. With maintenance only required every 2-4 years depending on application, Rubio coatings offer a low maintenance timber solution.


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Suitable Applications

Our new Rubio range is suitable for all applications, both interior and exterior. The water-repellent qualities of the coating ensure that the timber is protected from moisture, where a variety of colours containing pigments are available to shield the timber from exposure to UV radiation. 

UV exposure is the main reason that timber eventually loses its colour, as it causes the oxidisation of the tannins within the timber. This issue can be prevented by using a coating containing a pigment, which blocks UV rays from penetrating the timber itself. By choosing a colour that includes a pigment, the timber will retain its colouring for much longer, but will still require maintenance.  

Have a question?

For help with choosing the right coating, ordering a sample or anything else relating to your project contact us below, call us on 1800 008 828 or email to talk to one of our project consultants.

Our colour options

To provide designers with the colour range to meet any design intent, we worked closely with Rubio to develop an offering that included some of their standard colours, along with some custom-developed colours specific to Sculptform. 


An option we are particularly excited to offer is the ‘Clear’ coating, designed to protect the timber without altering the appearance. This results in the timber looking raw, a highly sought after look particularly for interior applications.  


As a natural material, timber will invariably lose its colour when used in exterior applications and exposed to UV radiation. This results in a ‘weathered’ look, which is often sought after by architects. As a natural process, weathering often doesn’t take place as quickly or as evenly as the client would like, so our pre-weathered colour options are a perfect solution. 

Colour matching

To help designers achieve consistency in timber finishes across a project, we can offer colour matching across all our timber species to find the right Rubio coating. By simply providing us with a sample of the required colour, we can develop a matching colour quickly and efficiently. 

Our colour range

Sculptform spotted gum Rubio coatings

Sculptform blackbutt Rubio coatings

Sculptform white oak Rubio coatings

Sculptform vicash Rubio coatings

Sculptform banjo pine Rubio coatings

Request Samples

To request a sample of our new Rubio coatings, choose a colour above and simply head to our Click-on Battens or Tongue and Groove Cladding pages below and let us know which colours you would like.

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