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Value management is an idea that brings groans from specifiers and builders alike.

The designer doesn’t want to see their vision compromised, but the builder has a strict budget to meet. We understand both points of view, and there are steps you can take to ensure the design intent and budget are met.

All the tools and information you need to fit a design into your budget are available below or contact us to speak to one of our value management experts.

The secret to value management

Flexibility is the core design principle that guides our products, and it provides benefits beyond the range of looks we can provide.

The modular nature of our systems allows for both specifiers and builders to customise a range of factors, all of which can create savings while preserving the original design.

Our systems are priced per square metre, so there is a range of factors which contribute to the overall cost. The simplest aspects which can be altered to bring a design into a budget are as follows, combining small changes in these areas can produce significant savings.


Often the most effective change to make on a design, coatings and finishes are a simple, easy way to value manage. While a coating still needs to be appropriate for the application (internal or external), often this simple change can help bring a design into budget.

Example: Changing Clear Poly (surface film coating) to Clear Oil (penetrating oil) saves $68.75m²


Our Click-on systems allow you to specify any desired spacing between the battens or blades. Increasing the spacing between the material used, even only by 5mm, can greatly reduce the price per square metre, while still maintaining the original colour palette and overall look.

Example: Changing spacing between Click-on Battens from 32mm to 40mm saves $38.25m²

Timber Species

Changing the timber species can drastically drop the price per square metre. A premium timber such as White Oak can drive up the price, where a cheaper option such as Blackbutt can help meet budget. Maintaining the same look with a different species can be achieved through the use of a species with similar grains and colouring.

Example: Changing White Oak battens to Blackbutt saves $63.19m²


The profile of a batten or blades affects the amount of material used, so narrow or ‘shallow’ profiles are more cost-effective than deep profiles.

Example: Changing a 42x42mm batten to a 32x32mm profile saves $43.61m²

Value manage with Price & Spec

Price & Spec is our online tool which allows for fast, effective value management. A simple drag and drop interface allows you to build your design and receive instant pricing and specification data, then play around with any aspect of your design until it fits your required budget.

How to use

Price & Spec is powerful yet intuitive. Here’s how to get started.

1. Create a new design

From your dashboard, simply select one of the product options to get started.

2. Drag & drop profiles

Drag and Drop from your toolbox to create a design that meets your budget and compliance requirements.

3. Export your specification

View your sequence in 3D, get real time data and export your product specification to include in your documentation.

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