Timber Click-on Screens Tech Specs

This page includes comprehensive technical information on Click-on Screens. To find specific data, use the green menu on the right.

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Profiles and Sizes

Click-on Screens are available in the following timber sizes and profiles.

Species and Coatings

Please note - Timber is a natural material and colour variations are inevitable. We’ve prepared an article to help you understand how it all works - you can read it here.

For help choosing the right timber coating for your application, read our detailed guide here.

Colours are reproduced as accurately as possible, we recommend that you request product samples before final selection. Whilst our products are produced as consistently as possible, each species has their own natural variations of colour, features and characteristics. Product samples may or may not fully reflect the colour variation that will occur on the project.

Request a sample  Download Data Sheets

Interior only Interior / exterior
Sculptform Spotted Gum Raw Spotted Gum

Interior / exterior
Sculptform Spotted Gum Raw Raw
Interior / exterior
Spotted gum clear oil Clear Oil
Interior Only
Spotted Gum Clear Poly Clear Poly
Interior / exterior
Spotted Gum ultraclear enviropro Intergrain Ultraclear
Interior / exterior
Spotted gum light oak enviropro Intergrain Light Oak
Sculptform White Oak Raw American Oak

Interior Only
Sculptform White Oak Raw Raw
Interior Only
White oak clear oil Clear Oil
Interior Only
White oak Clear Poly Clear Poly
Interior Only
White oak Ultraclear enviropro Intergrain Ultraclear
Interior Only
White oak light oak enviropro Intergrain Light Oak
Sculptform Vic Ash Raw Australian Ash

Interior Only
Sculptform Vic Ash Raw Raw
Interior Only
Vic Ash Clear oil Clear Oil
Interior Only
Vic Ash clear poly Clear Poly
Interior Only
Vic Ash ultraclear enviropro Intergrain Ultraclear
Interior Only
Vic Ash Light oak enviropro Intergrain Light Oak
Sustainable Timber Certification
Timber Species FSC® PEFC® / Responsible Wood®
Spotted Gum Not Available On Request
Australian Ash Not Available On Request 
American Oak On Request Not Available

* FSC and PEFC timber may have longer lead times. 


Read more about timber certification in our article ‘Why use Sustainable Timber?

Technical Datasheet

For more details around connection capacities, section and material properties and other engineering data download our Technical Datasheet.

Download Technical Datasheet

DWG Files

Our package of DWG and PDF files for Sculptform’s Click-on Screens can be downloaded below.

Download DWG Files

Spacing Options

Choosing a batten spacing (Gap between battens) will depend on a your screen application and level of privacy you are trying to achieve, or any fixtures you might be working around.

Below are some suggestions for each batten size based on the proportions of nature.

Batten Profile Spacing Options
30x60mm 30mm, 50mm, 80mm
30x80mm 50mm, 80mm, 100mm
30x130mm 80mm, 100mm, 130mm


Minimum space: 25mm Gap 

If your screen is forming a barrier, the maximum gap is 120mm according to the 1170 Australian Standard.

Batten Lengths

Timber: Up to 3m set lengths*

*Note: Large volumes not available. For confirmation, contact us with your project requirements.

*Note: If longer than 3m is required, finger joined battens up to 4.2m are an option for Australian Ash and American Oak only.

Max Batten Spans for Interior Applications

Between clips or clip to the mid support rod.

Timber Maximum Span
Spotted Gum (Interior and Exterior) 1.5m*
Australian Ash (Interior only) 3m
American Oak (Interior only) 1.5m


*Note: For exteriors, site specific engineering loads have not been considered such as wind or barrier loads. We recommend consulting your structural engineer for confirmation. You can download our Technical Datasheet here for clip capacities and batten sectional properties.

Mounting Options

Clip Types
Discover each clips function/principle, overall dimensions and a visual of it exploded and assembled.
Back Mount Fixed

Back when using the Back Mount Method a 20mm clear gap is required above or below the batten to enable installation and removal of the battens.  

Exploded Assembled


Back Mount Float

Back Mount Floating clip is only designed to take up to +- 5mm for installation and thermal movement. Not suitable for building movement. All mounting tracks to be fixed to a continuous frame that eliminates building movement. If your screen is a slab to slab application, or building movement is expected, refer to the End Mount floating clip.

Exploded Assembled
End Mount Fixed
Exploded Assembled
End Mount Float

The End Mount floating clip can take up to +- 25mm of Building movement if installed with a 25mm gap under the batten.

Exploded Assembled
Mounting Track Types and Substrate Fixings
Split Track - 45x25mm

Used in straight applications for both back mount and end mount. Designed to span up to 1200mm between balustrade posts. Track has pull out adjustment from 25-35mm, to allow onsite packing.


Slim Track - 45x5mm

Default end mount track, designed to be slim to the floor and ceiling. Used for back mount curves down to a 600mm Radius. Fixing of this track must be through the centre of the clip casting.


Direct Fix

Where no track is desired for both back mount and end mount. Complex site specific spacing. Sculptform does not take responsibility for the clip to substrate connection. Screw not supplied by Sculptform. Suitable fixing needs to be considered by the installer. M5 or 10g countersunk screw is most suitable.


Mid Support Threaded Rod

For applications requiring a large distance between clips, a threaded rod and spacer system can be used as an extra fixing point. The rod runs through pre-drilled holes and uses spacer sleeves to help prevent movement and keep the battens straight. This extra fixing is provided by Sculptform and included in all pricing for screens.


The removal tool has two prongs that when slid into the clip connection, disengage the spring and release the batten.

Note: For back mount, the batten will need 20mm of space above to lift and remove.


Corrosion Zones

The standard Click-on Screens system is suitable for use in a Class 4 corrosivity zones according to AS4312. Please contact us if you require Class 5 or higher.

Please note pool environment classes may vary. Consult your project engineer.

Example Specification

Use the following table as a guide when creating your specification for Sculptform Click-on Screens. The details on this page will guide you through the range of species, coatings and profile sizes we have available.

Product Name Sculptform Click-on Screens
Species Australian Ash
Coating Clear Poly
Batten Size 30x60mm
Spacing (Gap) 50mm
Clip Type Back Mount
Mounting Track Type 45x25mm  Split Track
Typical Construction Details
Free Standing Screen

Balustrade Infill

Staircase Screen