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Click-on Screens

Click-on Screens have been meticulously designed to provide a clean, linear, 360-degree screening product. Unmatched elsewhere within the market, the open batten system can be crafted from either timber or aluminium as a balustrade infill or free-standing screen. 

How it works

Click-on Screens consist of mounting tracks, clips and timber or aluminium battens. The clip base comes factory fitted to the mounting track at the specified spacing.

The Click-on connection features a button fixed to the back or ends of the batten, which clicks securely into engagement in the clip base.

Site variation and building and thermal movement are factored into the design, with the top bracket fixed into place and lower brackets able to slide. The rail design makes for easy fixing to any substrate while giving the installer up to 10mm of in/out adjustment.

Sculptform Click-on Screens Balustrade

Designed for barrier strength

Click-on Screens are excellent as balustrade infills, fulfilling the need to make barrier systems beautiful.

The detailed design and strong engineering allows for large batten spans between fixings which can also be invisible for a 360-degree clean, unhindered design.

They’ve been engineered to meet high load requirements and comply with C3 and C5 balustrade infill ratings according to AS1170.1.

Sculptform Click-on Screens office dividers

Diverse screening applications

Spatial architecture is easily achieved with Click-on Screens. Their flexible design and strong joins enable you to design impressive multi-functional spaces.​ They can be used for a range of applications such as:

  • Free standing screens
  • Office dividers
  • Balustrade infills
  • Staircase barriers
  • Facade screens 

Free-standing screen capabilities

Create a bespoke timber screen with our customisable system requiring minimal fixings to create stunning free-standing screens with no visual disturbance.

Our wood finish or anodised aluminium is ideal for applications where the specified screen size is not possible with timber or where Group 1 is needed. Aluminium battens allow greater lengths and spans between fixings, are non-combustible and require no maintenance.

A wide range of applications

Our system is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of applications.


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Technical specifications

Find below the technical details for our Click-on Screens, including profiles and species/finishes for either timber or aluminium battens.

Timber Tech Specs

Aluminium Tech Specs

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Click-on Battens and Click-on Screens?
Click-on Screens are designed to be used as a barrier infill, suitable to applications requiring a balustrade rating and open batten design, whereas Click-on Batten are an acoustic batten system for lining walls and ceilings.
Can you combine Click-on Battens and Click-on Screens? If so, how?
The main driver behind the design of Click-on Screens was to transition from a linear acoustic lining used for creating texture on a wall to an open batten system as part of a balustrade or barrier in-fill. Two key considerations of the design is the spacing between the battens, as in an infill application, the gap between the battens should never exceed 125mm (we recommend 120mm), along with the batten size. The size of the batten affects its infill properties, as deeper sections are required. Another consideration in the build out dimensions of the two systems. These do vary and will need to be considered in the design.
How does the price compare to Click-on Battens?
Click on screens are about 15-25% more expensive than Click on Battens.
Can it be self-standing?
This is not something that we recommend. The system does need structure at each end to work.
Can we do custom sizes?
Yes, although this is subject to the size of the project especially when Aluminium extrusions are required and 12 – 16 week lead times may apply. Please contact us for more information.
When do you use Click-on Screens over Click-on Battens?
In an applications where an open batten system is required and required to resist additional loads of people interacting directly with the battens, more specifically, as balustrade or screen infill, the high load capacities of Click-on Screens would be the preferred option. Click-on Screens doesn’t have the dovetail groove, designed to be seen from all sides of the batten, so also a great option if you're spanning over glazing.
What is the difference between Free Standing Screens and Click-on Screens?
Our Free Standing Screen product was a simple system we developed quickly to fill a need in the market. Our new Click-on Screen product is an improvement on the Free Standing Screen system, making it click together, faster to install, and of course gives you barrier strength.
How far can the battens span between fixings?
This does depend on your application, what loads the screen will be subjected to and the batten material and size choice. For an interior screen we have designed the system to be able to span a typical floor to ceiling. For external application wind and other loads will need to be factored in. We recommend a structural engineer review your application along with the technical data sheet to specify to the spans. Refer to the spans section in tech specs.
What is the install time difference between Click-on Battens and Click-on Screens?
The installation of Click-on Screens is slightly more involved than Click-on battens. Although there are less tracks involved, the connecting buttons have to be fixed to the battens and the spring inserted into the clip bases.


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