Architecture is continually pushing the boundaries of design and construction to provide built environments that impress. We share this passion with our community of designers and builders and view our role in the process as enabling innovative design through our custom design solutions. A key strength of ours at Sculptform is simplifying the complex.

Custom solution design is a complex process to devise a buildable solution to achieve the design intent of an architect. Our flexible, modular wall and ceiling sculptural features allow us to rationalise and deliver your design intent.

Our product range incorporates timber and aluminium for ceilings, walls, facades, free-standing screens, curved forms, parametric design features and interior to exterior transitions.

Experts in Custom Design

We design our products to allow for unique project requirements. Our simplification process involves finding the repeatable elements in a design and developing modules that are efficient to manufacture and install. 

We expertly evaluate a design and provide:

  • The best product/s to achieve the required appearance
  • A practical method to ensure a fast and accurate installation
  • Custom samples to match the required design intent
  • Assistance on requirements such as acoustics, fire compliance and engineering.

These designs are created by entering the practical constraints of a concept into specialised software, which makes a design that meets both the design intent and buildability ‘parametres’. 

Australian Factory + Design

All of our products are produced in our Australian factory by our highly skilled team and state-of-the-art machinery. We have a dedicated product development and pre-construction teams who endeavour to create new products to meet custom designs requirements. 

We are continually improving our systemised products in our factory to ensure they are easy to use and fast to install. Our systemisation process involves doing as much work as possible in our factory rather than on-site. This thinking even extends to our packaging, where we make extra effort labelling and packing products to maximise efficiency on-site.

Our internal pre-construction team specialises in working with architects to rationalise concepts, using combinations of our patented systems and other components to meet the design intent while adhering to budget and time constraints. 

Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre - Sculptform

Systemised Solution

Our products are modular, allowing for customisation in areas such as profiles and installation methods to suit specific projects. The many building blocks of our products, such as connection types and hidden fixings, can be modified to achieve your design intent. Unique design requirements such as curves and transitions can all be created and documented with our products.

Value Management

A designer doesn’t want to see their vision compromised and the builder has a strict budget to meet. We understand both points of view, and there are steps you can take to ensure the design intent and budget are met. We provide value management options for custom designs to further assist in achieving your design intent. 

Past Projects

Curved Timber Walls and Ceilings

Curved Applications

We can achieve impressive curved concepts with our timber and aluminium products. The Sculptform Design Studio featured thousands of pieces of curved timber in its design.

Bent Concepts

We can twist, bend and curve and our timber and aluminium to achieve a range of unusual shapes and sequences, along substrates on walls, ceilings and facades. One of our most impressive projects to date, Arkadia, featured curved and twisted spotted gum Click-on Battens to decorate two large walkways. Creating a stunning timber feature for all to walk through and admire.

Hunter House Cafe Sculptform

Hanging Features

We can create spectacular parametric ceilings to deliver on ambitious design intents. Hunter House Cafe was the first project of ours to use hanging timber dowels to create a unique waved ceiling design. 

Due to the costs involved, our custom solution designs are limited to large commercial projects. Our standard product range is available for smaller residential projects, provided they meet our minimum order quantity.

Important: The earlier we are introduced to a project, the more time and effort we can save you as the designer or builder. 

Have any questions?

Our clients are at the heart of every project. It’s our job to deliver on the big picture and the smallest detail. We’re your proactive design partner – we’ll listen to what you need and will work with you to make sure your vision is achieved.

If you have any questions about Custom Solution Design, you can contact us below.