Click-on Cladding standing seam

Click-on Cladding Installation


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Installation Overview

Sculptform Click-on Cladding Installation Overview

Install Method
  • Check and prepare your substrate

Before starting installation, ensure your base substrate is plumb and straight, adjusting if required. Base substrate (studs) should be running the same way the cladding boards intend to run, as shown above. If required, install 70x35mm pine framing battens (or steel top hats) at 600mm centres to build a frame which runs 90 degrees to your mounting tracks (the same direction of your cladding boards). 

Then install sarking directly to the stud frame following manufacturers installation details. (Tyvek breathable home wrap is recommended, this is not supplied by Sculptform). 

The sarking acts as a secondary moisture barrier if water does get behind the cladding boards. It is essential to consider where the sarking sits in relation to the proprietary trims provided. See trim details below before installation.

The sarking acts as a secondary moisture barrier if water does get behind the cladding boards. Some trims require the sarking to be installed under or over the trim to ensure its effectiveness, consult the drawings below for details. 

  • Installing Trims

If installing boards vertically, the 40x25mm aluminium base angle should be fitted first at the base of the wall as per the below detail. 

If installing the boards horizontally, use the starter extrusion in the place of your first board, after the mounting tracks have been installed.

Then install Part 1 of all other trims including External corners, internal corners, end trims and express joins. See details below. Part 2 of each trim will be installed last, after the boards are in place. 

  • Installing the boards

Click-on Cladding boards have a tongue on one side and a groove on the other. The boards are installed using the same method as traditional tongue and groove cladding, with the clip taking the place of the screw fixing.

Click-on Cladding installation detail

When installing boards always work from one side of your wall to the other. To start your run of cladding, fix the starter extrusion to the face of the mounting track, ensuring it is the right distance from your first clip (see detail below).

To engage each board with the clip, ensure the board is located above the clip, then tap on the face of the board over the clip to engage.

  • Board removability

    Once installed, boards can be removed using the Sculptform removal tool. This tool is used to hold the throat of the track open to release the clip while it is still engaged with the board.



Installing trims

The Click-on Cladding system uses a fully detailed set of trims. Use the image below to find the drawing for each section indicated below.

Sculptform Click-on Cladding trim details

Construction Details
A. End Detail

Sculptform Click-on Cladding end detail

B. Top Cap Detail

Sculptform Click-on Cladding top cap detail

C. Base Detail

Sculptform Click-on Cladding base detail

D. External Corner Detail

Sculptform Click-on Cladding external corner profile

E. Internal Corner Detail

Sculptform Click-on Cladding internal corner

F. Window Header Detail

Sculptform Click-on Cladding window header detail

G. Window Side Detail

Sculptform Click-on Cladding window side detail