Sculptform is based in Australia, but we are experienced with projects all over the world and love seeing our products on the global stage. Working with architects and builders internationally has its challenges, but we have developed solutions to overcome the most common barriers.

Contact us to discuss your project – Wherever it is in the world, we would love to help bring your design to life.

International Pricing and Shipping

Our online Price & Spec tool allows users to create their unique design and receive instant pricing in AUD, NZD or USD. Our pricing is provided in guaranteed square metre rates (SQM), which includes everything you need to install our system – battens/boards/blades, track, clips and all of our standard trims.

This price does not include screw fixings, sarking, non-proprietary trims and flashing including roll-formed trims or angles, project-specific engineering and any substrate required behind the system such as framing and suspended ceiling components. 

A quote is valid for 30 days from the date of issue, and shipping to the nearest port is included in the square metre rate for international orders, totalling over $20,000 AUD.

All taxes, customs clearance, duties, and internal freight is to be arranged by the customer. The charge for sea freight orders under $20,000 AUD is $2,000 – with air freight available to be priced on application.

What about payment and currency fluctuation?

All countries (other than New Zealand) are required to pay us in AUD currency, any currency fluctuation is the customer’s responsibility. Therefore, we recommend keeping this potential cost fluctuation in mind.

In New Zealand, we have an entity so all payments are made in NZ dollars to Sculptform New Zealand.

Which freight companies do we recommend?

We use Mondiale and Mainfreight.

How does your project process work?

The process of our projects starts with the design and ends with the install. Once you have your design or an idea of your concept, contact our team to discuss your needs, and we will start the journey.

We will provide a quote and necessary information regarding the order, such as lead times, additional charges and any other actions you’ll need to take to receive your order. We are available to support you every step of the way.

What are the lead times?

As expected, international orders incur a longer lead time due to shipping our product for a longer distance. You can expect usual manufacturing times of around 6-8 weeks for our timber products and 8-12 weeks for aluminium products, plus an additional 10-16 weeks for shipping, on average.

How do you comply with local standards?

We are diligent in remaining up-to-date on the latest local standards for the locations of our international projects. Our team of professionals endeavour to research and contact the relevant authorities to ensure that international orders are a smooth process for all involved.

Are there any risks? How are they mitigated?

When shipping internationally, there are always risks. But we have made every effort to ensure that we can mitigate these to the best of our ability. Damage to stock is an issue for some, but our sturdy packaging helps protect our product effectively.

We pay for freight and insurance up until the product arrives at the port, and then the customer is responsible for costs from customs up until the site delivery. This can mean more risks as we don’t cover any damage to the product once the product arrives at customs. However, in New Zealand, we pay for freight and insurance to the site.

Our experience with international projects

We have completed many projects outside of Australia, working with global architectural studios such as Gensler and BVN. Our DIFOT (delivered in full or on time) record is exemplary on both local and international projects, meaning we can work with you to make your project a success.

View our international project stories on the Australian Embassy BangkokCommercial Bay (NZ)Waiparuru Hall (NZ) and Ridges Hotel Wellington Airport (NZ).

Sculptform Australian Embassy Bangkok

Have any questions?

Our clients are at the heart of every project. It’s our job to deliver on the big picture and the smallest detail. We’re your proactive design partner – we’ll listen to what you really need and work with you to make sure the job gets done right.

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