Deakin University ManuFutures

ManuFutures is Australia’s unique advanced manufacturing innovation hub, located within Deakin University’s Future Economy Precinct. The aims to help businesses accelerate their success through its unique facilities, programs and services.

A Victorian Government contribution has enabled the already successful hub to double in size with a new expansion completed in 2022, designed by DesignInc in Melbourne. Timber Click-on Screens and Click-on Battens feature strongly throughout the inviting interior.


Click-on Battens


Vic Ash

Stunning Communal Spaces

The expansion will deliver a new, fully equipped and staffed Product Engineering Development Laboratory, six adjustable sized expansion bays and associated offices. It also boasts a dedicated community and multifunctional space for events, training, industry collaboration and networking. A kitchen and dining area is also a key component, which contains timber Click-on Battens across the ceiling and walls.

According to DesignInc, their team aimed to inject a sense of dynamism, inspiration, and excitement into the hub and overall precinct, setting up the expectation that this is a place for inventive and energetic people.

“We designed the Imagineering lab to support small-scale prototyping for businesses in early development, and located it close to the entry, showcasing production and signalling, this is what ManuFutures is all about.”

Adrian Doohan, Senior Associate


Product Specifications: Timber Screens
Product Click-on Screens
Material Timber
Species Vic Ash
Profile Block, 30x19mm, Exact Lengths
Coating Natural Accent Clear - Matte
Track Click-on Screen Slimline Mounting Track

Timber Screens, Walls and Ceilings

Timber is a strong influence throughout the interior on various surfaces, bringing durability, warmth, biophilic health benefits and enanced functionality to the space. Click-on Screens are added to common areas as a way of creating spatial separation from distinct areas. Screens also add aesthetic value with a change in iteration of timber compared with the walls and ceilings. Click-on Battens feature on the walls and ceilings in smaller profile size and are spaced closer together.

The two products work in harmony, complementing each other and elevating the usuability of the space. One that is bright, energetic and welcoming.

Product Specification: Timber walls
Product Click-on Battens
Material Timber
Species Vic Ash
Profile Block, 30x19mm, exact lengths
Coating Natural Accent Clear - Matte
Track Standard mounting track

Project Summary


DesignInc - Melbourne


Kane Constructions


Mount View Constructions






Waurn Ponds, Victoria, Australia


Dianna Snape

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