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Eagle House

Located in Melbourne’s CBD, Eagle House underwent extensive regeneration by IA Design to become the impressive offering that it is today.

Our Click-on Battens crafted from timber cling to the walls in wavy formations throughout the foyer area, welcoming all who enter and providing an exceptional first impression.


Click-on Battens


Vic Ash

Flowing Curves

Eagle House is designed to be a workplace of the future for proactive brands who thrive through collaboration. Pictured throughout this blog is the complete lobby refurbishment, but other components of the building include the inclusion of brand new end-of-trip facilities and gym, bright enclosed courtyard and dynamic third spaces.

Click-on Battens in Vic Ash (no longer supplied) look beautiful throughout the entrance. The design of the side wall that is clad in timber incorporates smooth, flowing curves to gently guide visitors into the building and create a luxurious ambience. As they say, first impressions are important.

Kerfing the timber was the process used to ensure that it could bend and mould to the curves of the substrate it is attached to. Kerfing involves cutting small lines into the back of the batten within close proximity to allow flexibility in the timber, allowing it to bend.

All Lit Up

Integrated lighting is a clever aspect of the design of the entrance, with strip lighting slotting in between battens. The strip lighting is installed in random lengths and are strategically placed in intervals along the wall, with just the right spacing between them to not look overly busy or overdone.

On the ceiling, integrated lighting serves more of a practical function with longer lengths of lighting installed, to adequately light up the lobby below.

Project Specifications - Timber Feature Wall
Product Click-on Battens
Material Timber
Species Vic Ash (no longer available)
Profile Block
Finish Clear Oil
Track Standard mounting track
Acoustic Backing Yes

Project Summary


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Lisbeth Grossman

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