George Street Plaza

Designed by Ghanaian-British Architect David Adjaye of Adjaye Associates, in collaboration with First Nations Australian artist Daniel Boyd, the George Street Plaza sits in between cultures. The project comprises two distinct pieces, a new two-storey building designed by Adjaye Associates and a sheltering canopy designed by Boyd.

Spotted Gum timber is a key material laced throughout the interior and across a balcony within the exterior.


Click-on Battens


Spotted Gum

An Architectural Collaboration

The structure boasts a straightforward pitched roof design, sharply tapered at its apex, resulting in an interior space reminiscent of a cathedral in terms of height, yet providing an intimate atmosphere due to its narrow width. Inside, the walls are adorned with spotted gum Tongue and Groove Cladding, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.

A transparent inner facade is shielded by a series of continuous vertical black aluminum tubes, offering both privacy and a clear visual connection between the interior and the bustling plaza outside. The massive steel canopy is anchored on one end at the building’s peak, while the other end extends dramatically towards the street, supported by a single sturdy steel column filled with concrete.

“My hope is that this new community building and George Street public plaza ​will become a cherished destination in Sydney’s city center, a ​generative place for people to connect, recharge, reflect and ​take a pause from the rhythm of a fast-transforming city.”

Sir David Adjaye OM OBE, Founder and Principal

Adjaye Associates

Product Specifications - Batten Interior
Product Click-on Battens
Material Timber
Species Spotted Gum
Profile Block, 22 x 40mm
Coating Feast Watson
Track Standard Mounting Track 45x25mm
Acoustic Lining Yes
Sustainably Certified 100% PEFC Certified

Designed for People

This public space is the city’s first plaza on George Street in over half a century, and directly underneath the plaza is the city’s first Public Cycling Facility. These community spaces have been developed by Lendlease in partnership with the City of Sydney and is owned by the City of Sydney.

Product Specifications: Cladding within interior and balcony
Product Tongue & Groove Cladding
Material Timber
Species Spotted Gum
Profile Sorrento, 138x19mm
Coating Feast Waston
Sustainably Sourced PEFC Certified

Project Summary


Adjaye Associates




Brighton Australia


Sydney, Australia




Entertainment and Leisure


Pixel Collective

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