Custom Ceiling of Grocery Store

Across this new grocery store in Bendigo, we devised a custom design for the ceiling using the Click-on Batten system to add architectural interest throughout the store. With a black powdercoated finish, the battens contrast nicely against the white ceiling.


Click-on Battens


Powder coated Aluminium

Custom Batten Ceiling Design

Using Click-on Battens, a custom designed ceiling was put together for the store. Each piece of the aluminium Click-on Battens were powdercoated black with high shine finish. They were installed onto the ceiling with direct fix clips, in place of our usual mounting tracks.

The direct fix clips allow each batten to be securely connected to the ceiling and with wide spacing, keep the gaps between the battens free from visual disturbances that mounting tracks might otherwise have caused.

Product Specifications - Aluminium Ceiling
Product Click-on Battens
Material Aluminium
Finish Powdercoat - Duralloy Black Satin
Profile Block, 32x60mm
Fixing Direct fix clips
Acoustic Lining Off White

Direct Fix Clips

Used when battens are required to be fixed individually without a mounting track, for in-fills, end details, or when no backing is required.

The direct fix clip is screwed to the substrate, with a washer of a minimum 20mm diameter between the clip and the substrate.

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