We wish we could fulfil every order

The projects brought to us by everyone from Architects and Interior Designers to Sub Contractors and even home-owners continually blow us away with their creativity and enthusiasm for our product.

Unfortunately, as we are a make to order manufacturer, we can’t.

We have such a huge range of timber and aluminium lining systems that it would be impossible for us to store finished products in our warehouse. By making to order we are able to streamline our manufacturing process and provide the shortest lead time possible, which is vital for some projects.

Factors like machine setup, storage of materials and internal processes have all contributed to our reluctant decision to no longer take on orders under $5,000.

Nothing brings us more joy than seeing someone inspired by our work and wanting to recreate it on a small scale project, however due to the nature of our products and the manufacturing processes, sometimes it’s not viable for us or you.

Exceptions can be made depending on project type, so please contact us here to discuss your project details.