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Vic Ash

The lightweight properties and unique pinkish colour of Vic Ash make it a perfect material for internal feature walls and ceilings.

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Vic Ash timber has a predominately straight grain, although it may be wavy in parts resulting in a fiddle back appearance. The pale, pinkish tones of the raw timber take on stains exceptionally well, allowing for a wide range of colour options.

For grade and colour variation features, see our Timber Variation guide here

Coatings Available

Vic Ash is only suitable for interior applications. Free samples are available in Click-on Battens and Tongue & Groove Cladding are available on request.

Sculptform Vic Ash Coatings


The Price

Vic Ash timber fits into an average price bracket. This pricing allows you to customise your design to fit any budget due to our range of coatings and flexible wall and ceiling systems. Pricing and specification data for the following projects are available in our Price and Spec tool.

Melbourne Parliament House Accommodation

Sprawling feature ceilings offer a beautiful light timber aesthetic with Vic Ash timber battens.

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Large 32x60mm Vic Ash timber battens line the ceiling of the MCEC, with changes in orientation giving a uniquely dynamic look.

The Data

Having all available data is invaluable when making a decision on which timber species to use. Find Vic Ash specific information below or contact us to discuss how we can help you find a solution for your project.

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Applications Interior applications only
Sustainability Available in PEFC 21-31-167 with a Chain of Custody for Green Star points. On request only
Durability Class 3 out of ground (7-15 years)
Density (dry) 660kg/m3
Movement Low tangential 4.5% (shrinkage across the board width)
Lengths Available 3.6m
Fire Rating BAL not applicable, interior use only
Satisfies BCA C1.10a Group 3

The Projects

Vic Ash is popular for internal Click-on Battens and Tongue & Groove Cladding projects, as shown below.

Sculptform Huntingtower School
Sculptform 530 Collins
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