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Our powerful, innovative application allows you to quickly envisage, budget, and specify your projects.

Drag and drop to create your own custom feature wall or ceiling design while receiving real-time pricing, specification data and 3D views.

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Recieve an instant price, design and specification.

Sculptform’s Price & Spec tool contains powerful features and an intuitive interface to get you from your earliest ideas, through to your final design.
It’s designed to save you time and make your job easier.

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How to use

Price & Spec is powerful yet intuitive. Here’s how to get started.

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1. Create a new design

From your dashboard, simply select one of the product options to get started.

Sculptform Price & Spec
2. Drag & drop profiles

Drag and Drop from your toolbox to create a design that meets your budget and compliance requirements.

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3. Export your specification

View your sequence in 3D, get real time data and export your product specification to include in your documentation.

Create your own inspiration

Our Price & Spec tool was created to streamline your design process in an intuitive way.

Easy onboarding

Simply sign in to your Sculptform account and follow some quick steps to get started.

New to Price & Spec? No problem! Just fill in your details to a create a new account. It’s free to join and takes no time at all.

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Freedom to explore

The system gives specifiers incredible flexibility to create customised linear textures by adjusting a range of variables such as material, size, shape and spacing.

Drag and drop elements such as profiles and coatings to customise your design – Allowing for experimentation with instant feedback.

Sculptform Price & Spec

Fully compliant designs

Price & Spec allows you to easily create fully compliant designs, tailored to your specific needs. Acoustic and Fire data is provided instantly for your custom design.

Let’s get started!

Sculptform Price & Spec

Instant pricing and data

Value manage your own design by seeing how changes in profiles, spacing, coatings or timber species affect the price per square metre.

Sculptform Price & Spec

Airtight specifications

Whatever design phase you’re in, you probably don’t have time to write a solid specification for every design element.

While we can’t help with every spec section on your Project, Price & Spec can get you an airtight spec of your design – with one push of a button. Simply download your specification in PDF or Word format for your documentation.

Sculptform Price & Spec

Collaborate with your team members

Share your unique design with your team, paste it directly into your finishes schedule or share it with us. Our clients are at the heart of every project and we are happy to help you with any design concerns.

Sculptform Price & Spec
3D Visualisation
Create unique templates
Custom Spacing
Visualise Finishes
Acoustic Rating Information
Guaranteed Pricing
Full Specification Data
Fire Rating Compliance

Create your own inspiration

Our Price & Spec tool was created to streamline your design process in an intuitive way.

Empowering world-class architects

Here are some of the leading firms using Price & Spec to streamline their process.

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"Really valuable tool, giving the architect the instant capability to counterargument Value Engineering impositions."