We have a new addition to our timber collection – American Oak!

Renowned for its beautiful blonde tones and consistent grain, it is in plentiful supply and has a lower price tag compared to White Oak, which it is replacing.


What does it look like?

American Oak and White Oak are virtually identical, ensuring you can receive the same aesthetic.

The botanical name for our American Oak is Quercus rubra, more commonly known as American Red Oak. Timber toning is blonde with slight pink undertones.

White Oak’s botanical name is Quercus alba, and is also known as American White Oak. Timber toning is blonde with olive undertones.

Is American Oak red?

Nope! It gets its name from the striking abundance of red leaves it produces in autumn, not from the colour of its timber – so don’t be expecting red!

Sculptform American Oak

Why the change?

  • Readily available with plentiful supply
  • Lower price tag
  • Stains well
  • Appealing blonde tones
  • FSC certifiable (add an additional 10%)


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How similar is American Oak to White Oak?

Very similar! Depending on the stain and coating used, it is impossible to notice any difference. We have chosen to switch over species because of this, as American Oak still enables designers to achieve the same aesthetic.

Also, American Oak is a good alternative for Vic Ash, which is currently in limited supply with lengthy lead times.

The comparison photos below display the similarity.

Want to hold a sample in your hands?

If you would like to receive a sample of American Oak for your project, please complete the sample request form on the link below.

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