Sculptform Cairns Performing Arts Centre

Cairns Performing Arts Centre

The 940 seat theatre at Cairns Performing Arts Centre (CPAC) takes advantage of the flexibility of the Click-on Battens system to create stunning feature screens throughout.


Click-on Battens


Spotted Gum
Sculptform Cairns Performing Arts Centre

“The sustainable timber batten materials, clean lines & the simplicity of the Sculptform Click-on Battens system met both the design vision for the project and provided a necessary economy for the significant quantum of timber battens that exist in the CPAC project.”

Shane Horswill, Senior Associate

Cox Architecture Brisbane

Sculptform Cairns Performing Arts Centre

Tropical expression

As part of a large redevelopment project named ‘The Precinct’, Cairns Performing Arts Centre seeks to create a form which captures the essence of the northern tropics. Cox Architecture Brisbane and CA Architects sought to embrace the tropical surrounds of the Cairns Performing Arts Centre, using Australian Spotted Gum timber battens combined with some incredible lighting effects to produce an aesthetic which reflects the Cairns lifestyle.

Particular focus on the interior to exterior transitions, and creating dynamic spaces also seek to bring the outside in, taking advantage of the surrounding area.




Sculptform Cairns Performing Arts Centre

Designing for the Performing Arts

A major design goal of CA Architects and Cox Brisbane was to create a space which nurtured the best of the Cairns and North Queensland Performing Arts culture, providing world-class facilities to benefit performers and audiences alike.

Installed by Interline, the timber battens used in the theatre at the CPAC look stunning. However, aesthetics are not their only purpose. The large batten screens double as both an architectural feature and an acoustic solution, enhancing the acoustic performance drastically.

“The design concept was to enliven visitor experience both internally and externally. This was achieved by a suite of public arrival and connecting spaces, and the employment of new architectural treatments that enlivened the existing building fabric.”

Shane Horswill, Senior Associate

Cox Architeture Brisbane

Sculptform Cairns Performing Arts Centre

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Specification Details
Product Sculptform Click-on Battens
Material Timber
Species Spotted Gum
Profile 32x32mm
Coating Clear Poly
Spacing 32mm
Mounting Track Curving
Acoustic Backing No
Sculptform Cairns Performing Arts Centre

Project Summary


Cox Architecture and CA Architects

Completion Date



FK Gardner & Sons


Cairns, QLD


Andrew Watson



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