Sculptform Jewish Care

Hannah and Daryl Cohen Family Building

Part of aged care provider Jewish Care’s upgrade of their existing site, the new building integrates a variety of entertainment and healthcare services, along with 156 residential units. 

The development was announced in 2017 and was completed over several stages, reaching completion in 2020. Designed by Smith + Tracey Architects and built by Watpac, the centre offers a range of facilities including a synagogue, art gallery and function spaces aimed at providing a hub for Melbourne’s Jewish community.  


Click-on Battens


Vic Ash
Sculptform Jewish Care

Creating curves with linear elements 

Our Click-on Battens system can account for curved walls through the use of a specially designed curving track, however some of the most spectacular curves in this project were created with entirely straight elements.  

The wave shapes along the walls, particularly around the spectacular stained glass feature are created by cutting battens to length. This process creates a dynamic curved aesthetic without the requirement for the wall behind the battens to curve.

Sculptform Jewish Care

Curved forms to aid installation

Our on-site installation team used a series of curved ply forms to ensure fast and accurate cutting of the battens to meet the specific radius required. These forms are an example of a custom solution developed to enhance our supply and install offering and work quickly and effectively to benefit all parties.  

Sculptform Jewish Care
Sculptform Jewish Care
Sculptform Jewish Care

The Supply and Installation Process

To ensure a specific design intent is met on large scale, complicated projects like the Hannah and Daryl Cohen Family Building, we offer supply and install contracts. This service provides value to the architect in the confidence that the installation is performed by teams experienced with our products, and that the end result will perform as planned. For builders, our supply and install contracts offer significant budget savings, as well as a fast and accurate installation.  

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Sculptform Jewish Care
Sculptform Jewish Care

A health conscious design

The use of natural materials in health sector projects is becoming more and more popular due to the documented benefits of biophilic design. The premise of biophilic design is that a building which replicates certain aspects of nature in its shape and materiality will have a positive effect on the inhabitants of the building. These benefits can include everything from an increase in overall wellbeing to even an increase in mood or creativity.   

By using organic-looking curves, natural lighting and Vic Ash timber Click-on Battens throughout the project, the Hannah and Daryl Cohen Family Building becomes an outstanding example of how Biophilic design can provide benefits beyond what is aesthetically pleasing.  

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Sculptform Jewish Care

Its all in the details

particular strength of this project and a credit to the work of Smith+Tracy Architects is the level of refined detailing.

particular highlight is the concealed door in the lobby area, which is integrated with the batten wall either side. Unlike our other standard concealed door details, this door required a custom solution using battens to fit the shape of the door while maintaining the depth of the rest of the wall.  

Sculptform Jewish Care
Sculptform Jewish Care

Like the look?

The following table highlights the specification details for the Click-on Battens used in the lobby at the Hannah and Daryl Cohen Family Building. Use this as a guide to create your own specification or use our online Price & Spec tool which allows you to quickly envisage, budget, and specify your project. Learn more about our tool below or view this project in Price & Spec.

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Specification Details
Product Sculptform Click-on Battens
Material Timber
Species Vic Ash
Profile 32x32mm
Spacing 20mm, 72mm
Coating Clear Oil and custom coating
Mounting Track Standard / Curving
Acoustic Backing Yes
Sculptform Jewish Care

Project Summary


Smith+Tracey Architects

Completion Date





St Kilda, VIC


Steve Scalone



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