Sculptform Kathmandu Chermside

Kathmandu Chermside

The interior fitout of Kathmandu Chermside uses Timber Veneered Aluminium Click-on Battens to give an authentic timber aesthetic while meeting all weight and fire compliance requirements.

Kathmandu Chermside, designed by The Retail Group, takes advantage of the longer lengths available in aluminium to create a feature which spans across the ceiling, giving the look and feel of real timber. The White Oak timber veneer suits the colour palette of the space and of the Kathmandu branding, fitting seamlessly into the shop fitout.

The front of the shop uses solid White Oak fixed to glass, showing the similarities between the timber veneer and the real timber battens.


Click-on Battens


Timber Veneered Aluminium White Oak
Sculptform Kathmandu Chermside
Sculptform Kathmandu Chermside
Specification Details
Product Sculptform Click-on Battens
Material Aluminium
Coating Timber Veneer - White Oak
Profile 50x50mm, 50x50mm, 50x50mm, 50x100mm Block
Spacing 100mm
Mounting Track Standard
Acoustic Backing No
Sculptform Kathmandu Chermside
Sculptform Kathmandu Chermside
Sculptform Kathmandu Chermside
Sculptform Kathmandu Chermside
Sculptform Kathmandu Chermside

Project Summary


The Retail Group

Completion Date



Australian Professional Shopfitters


Chermside, QLD


Jen Dainer Industrial Arc Photography



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