HERB – Barwon Health

Deakin University and Barwon Health partnered up for a new research and clinical trial fit-out facility in the heart of Geelong CBD. Named the Health Education and Research Building, (also referred to as HERB), the project combined both open-plan office spaces for health education researchers, staff amenities and an open-to-public area for clinical trials.

The final design navigates seamlessly through a conceptual identity between public vs private; vibrant vs sterile environments; by a fluid use of colour, texture and spatial dynamics.


Click-on Screens


Australian Ash

Timber Screens a Feature Throughout

Click-on Screens crafted from Australian Ash feature in the building. As free-standing screens with end mounts, either with our without a threaded rod installed through the middle.

Click-on Screens are excellent as providing privacy for a workplace such as this one. They add warmth, texture and class to an interior with the beauty of natural timber on display.

The screens are also an impactful feature of spatial design, helping to make a space more user-friendly and diving spaces within a large open area. For instance, multiple sitting areas are cordoned off with screens, but are still very much a part of the wider area.

Product Specifications - Timber Screens
Product Click-on Screens
Material Timber
Species Australian Ash
Profile Block, 80x30mm
Coating Clear Oil
Track End mount base, end mount buttons

Beautiful Timber Ceilings

In some areas, timber Click-on Battens line the ceilings of the office. Mainly within the sitting areas that are also surrounded with Click-on Screens, creating an intimate enclosed area that feels very inviting thanks to the inclusion of natural materials.

In these sitting areas you’ll notice the ceiling battens line up very neatly with each piece of Click-on Screen, creating clean lines and a continuum of timber.

Crafted from Australian Ash, the battens feature in a block profile with a coating of clear oil to enhance the natural tones of the timber.

Product Specifications - Timber Ceilings
Product Click-on Battens
Material Timber
Species Australian Ash
Coating Clear Oil
Track Suspending ceiling mounting track
Acoustic Backing Autex Cube - Petronas Black - Group 1 Fire Rated

Project Summary


Cotter Reid Architects

Main Contractor

Alchemy Construct


SP Suspended Ceilings


Geelong, Australia




Nish Photography

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