Sculptform Hills Cider Cellar Door

Lot 100 Cellar Door

Designed by Studio Nine Architects in partnership with Frame Creative and built by Woolcock Construction, Lot 100 Cellar Door creates a warm and inviting atmosphere through natural materials and quality craftsmanship. Incorporating Blackbutt timber battens coated in clear oil allowed the designers and installers to create clean, linear textures using our Click-on Batten System. 


Click-on Battens


Sculptform Hills Cider Cellar Door

A Hub of Collaboration

Placed in the South Australian countryside just 25 minutes from Adelaide, Lot 100 houses the cellar door facilities for 5 local brands –

Housing all of these brands on one property brings the authenticity of local products and allows them to all contribute to the ethos of Lot 100, simply ‘Better.’


Sculptform Hills Cider Cellar Door
Sculptform Hills Cider Cellar Door

“The look of the finished project was outstanding with pre-finished timber battens on a black shadow board, overall it was a good simple product to use to achieve a fantastic look. ”

Woolcock Construction

Sculptform Blackbutt

Blackbutt – An Authentic Australian Hardwood

Famous for its hardiness and natural features, Blackbutt was the ideal timber species for the battens at Lot 100.

Class 1 durability means the battens are sturdy enough to withstand the large amounts of human traffic, where the clear oil coating provides a beautiful natural matt finish. The buttery colouring of the battens is emphasised by the oil, which is also graded for exterior applications.

Learn more about Blackbutt timber and other species in our guide to choosing a timber species. 

Specification Details
Product Sculptform Click-on Battens
Material Timber
Species Blackbutt
Profile 42x19mm Block
Spacing 42mm
Coating Clear Oil
Mounting Track Standard Mounting Track
Acoustic Backing Yes
Sculptform Hills Cider Cellar Door
Click-on Battens direct fix clip

Direct Fix Clips

To allow for greater design flexibility, and to avoid the track of the Click-on Batten system being visible, direct fix clips are a solution offered by Sculptform. Fixed into place using standard fixings, these clips which hold the battens in place can be installed in any configuration required for a project.

Where the track is an important component of the system to ensure fast and accurate installation, our direct fix clips are a perfect alternative.

Sculptform Hills Cider Cellar Door
Sculptform Hills Cider Cellar Door

Project Summary

Architect / Designer

Studio Nine Architects / Frame Creative

Completion Date



Woolcock Construction


Nairne, SA





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