One of our timber species, Australian Ash, is being affected by shortened supply. The timber mills who provide us with the timber for our Australian Ash range are continuing to report dwindling stock of the premium quality Australian Ash that we require.

The mills are receiving logs from Tasmania and New South Wales, but approximately 66% of the species is already gone, so supply will become more and more challenging for us to secure.

It’s a popular option for our products and we want to provide some clarity on the best way to secure supply for your project.

How to Secure Your Australian Ash

If your project requires Australian Ash, your order and deposit will need to be placed months before it is required so that we can accumulate timber for your project.

There are three ways you can secure your Australian Ash timber:

  • Option 1 – Pay Sculptform a 50% deposit to procure the timber and store it until it is ready for production and delivery.
  • Option 2 – Pay Sculptform a 20% deposit, but we will need to add 5% to the overall price for storage and to fund the working capital.
  • Option 3 – Wait for 2-3 months prior to when the product is needing to be delivered to place an order and pay deposit. However, with this option there is a higher chance that it may need to be changed to another species (such as American Oak) if the desired species isn’t available.

Thanks for Understanding

Unfortunately, sourcing quality timber is getting more and more challenging. Our team is looking into finding a suitable alternative for when stocks do eventually run out, so rest assured you’ll be able to achieve a very similar look

If you have any questions about the Australian Ash supply situation, please get in contact with us.