Sculptform is an Australian-owned and operated company. We have been proudly manufacturing and distributing a broad range of timber and aluminium modular products by our team of skilled experts in our Bendigo factory.

We have made an effort to supply materials for our products within Australia, helping to support local jobs and industry. Using local resources benefits the economy and also beneficial for project timelines as sourcing overseas can cause supply issues.

What products do we source in Australia?

  • Aluminium 
  • Timber 
  • Coatings and finishes
  • Acoustic Backing

Australian Timber Species

Timber is a substantial material used in our manufacturing, and we are glad to source most species from within our country. Spotted Gum and Blackbutt are some of the most popular choices and are native to Australia with plentiful supply.

  • Spotted Gum = Central Queensland
  • Australian Ash = Victoria and Tasmania

All of our timber is available to be sustainably sourced.

Aussie Aluminium

100% of our aluminium is made in Australia by an Australian owned company. This aluminium is used to make our Click-on battens, cladding, Click-on clips and mounting tracks. These are extruded and finished in Australia from raw aluminium.

Coatings and Finishes

We use all-Australian coatings, including Rubio, Mirotone, Cutek and Cabots on our timber products, each delivering a different aesthetic and protection properties.

Our aluminium products are able to be anodised and powder coated at a local factory in Melbourne. We use Dulux and Interpon powder-coatings, which are both Australian.


We source acoustic backing board (containing a minimum of 50% recycled fibre) from Autex, an Australian owned and operated manufacturer of high-quality materials to support acoustics. 

Many of our Click-on Battens installations include acoustic backing behind them to absorb sound, so being able to source this locally is fantastic for Australian business.

The large majority of our materials used within the production of our products is Australian. We have a few exceptions that are sourced overseas, mainly due to the lack of suppliers located in Australia.

Have any questions?

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