Good acoustic performance is a desirable attribute in almost all types of buildings in one way or another, especially in areas where sound needs to be enhanced or reduced. Our Click-on Batten system provides a perfect opportunity to introduce acoustic performance into your space.

Offering adequate acoustic reduction increases the comfort inside a building and is especially important for multi-residential buildings, schools, hospitals, foyers and of course, theatres. Our Click-on Battens are regularly installed in areas such as these, as they offer premium acoustic performance.

Timber and Aluminium Acoustics

Sculptform offers our Click-on Batten system in two materials, timber and aluminium. Whether sound needs to be enhanced or reduced, our battens can help. Both materials perform well acoustically, but timber offers superior sound absorption due to its natural design. 

Acoustically, timber Click-on Battens perform very well due to the natural acoustic properties which can control excessive echo and reverberation. The network of fibres and cells in timber convert sound energy into heat energy through vibration and internal friction. Because of this friction, wood has stronger sound dampening capacity and is chosen for areas where sound needs to be absorbed. 

Aluminium Click-on Battens also provide great sound dampening qualities when used in conjunction with our acoustic backing (info below). Depending on the batten size (width, length and depth) and spacing between each, a different level of noise reduction is achieved. 

Noise Reduction Coefficient

The Noise Reduction Coefficient (commonly abbreviated NRC), is the standard rating for how well a material absorbs sound. The NRC figure ranges from 0.00—perfectly reflective—to 1.00—perfectly absorptive. The NRC of a product will tell you how much sound it absorbs as well as how much it reflects. The higher the NRC, the better the product is at soaking up sound

Different materials have different NRC ratings that range from 0.00-1.00 to describe the average sound absorption performance of a material. Acoustic absorption refers to a material ‘structure’ taking in sound energy when sound waves are encountered, as opposed to reflecting the energy.

Typically, the NRC rating of a material is viewed as a percentage. For example, an NRC rating of .75 means 75% of the sound energy coming in contact with that specific material is absorbed. A material with an NRC of 0.75 would also be considered 25% reflective.

In general, soft porous materials serve as good acoustic insulators – absorbing most sound; whereas dense impenetrable materials, like metals, reflect most.

Use our Price & Spec Tool to design your custom sequence and then refer to the acoustic module to see acoustic ratings (NRC) of your design. 

Acoustic Components of Click-on Batten System

Our Click-on Batten system contains components to help increase the NRC in your space. The following are aspects of a design which can be changed to achieve the required NRC.



Click-on Battens are spaced at various intervals, depending on the desired visual effect. Battens spaced in close proximity to each other offer greater acoustic qualities than battens spaced far apart. 

Providing spaces between timber battens can increase the amount of sound dampening, essentially breaking up the energy of the soundwave. By breaking up the sound, the echoes are reduced.

A buildings acoustic performance is closely linked to the materials used and the number of openings or gaps in the building envelope. So smaller gaps between battens is more effective.


Acoustic Backing

Acoustic Panel Absorber is a lightweight semi-rigid panel engineered to provide excellent sound absorption. We offer an acoustic panel solution as part of our Click-on Batten system that integrates seamlessly with the mounting track. The combination of batten spacing and acoustic backing offers a high degree of acoustic diffusion.  

Key Benefits 
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001Certified Quality and Environmental Management Systems. 
  • Safe, non-toxic, non-irritant, non-allergenic

We source our acoustic backing from Autex, produced from 100% polyester fibre with a minimum 60% previously recycled fibres (from PET plastics). It can also be recycled at the end of the lifecycle. 


Acoustic Insulation Batts

Like acoustic backing, acoustic insulation batts are designed to reduce and control reverberated noise in building interiors, ideally suited for use as an absorber behind acoustic panels and ceiling systems. The thicker the insulation batt, the more efficient it will be at absorbing sound. Therefore, creating a strong NRC.


Stud Cavity

A cavity is a space between a wall and batts behind our Click-on Battens. This cavity of space allows optimal reduction of sound in a room by providing an area for vibration and verberation.

To increase the NRC, packing the cavity between studs with 100mm of acoustic batt installation is an option. Doing this further increases the amount of sound absorption to help achieve a higher NRC rating.

How our Click-on System Stacks Up

It’s important to note that the Sculptform Click-on Batten system’s effectiveness depends largely on the size of the space and how the product is installed. There are many variants and extra inclusions that can be included to increase the NRC of your project.

Our Click-on Batten system is able to receive high NRC ratings, making it a perfect choice for creating the acoustic environment required for your space.

If you need assistance with determining how to increase your NRC rating, our knowledgeable team has extensive experience in this area and are always available to assist.

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