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Architecture and interior design are known for pushing the boundaries, continually creating new ways to engage people with their built environment. We share this passion with our community of designers and builders, and see our role in the process as enabling unrestricted design.

This process of custom solution design involves taking a concept and converting it into a tangible, buildable solution. Through the use of our flexible, modular wall and ceiling lining systems it allows us to rationalise and then deliver the full design intent of your project. We are experts at evaluating a design and then providing you –

  • The best product to achieve the required look
  • The best method to ensure a fast and accurate installation
  • Custom samples to match the required design intent
  • Assistance on requirements such as acoustics, fire compliance and engineering

Where we can help

All of our products are designed to allow for unique project requirements. Our product range includes timber and aluminium options for the following interior and exterior applications:

  • Ceilings
  • Walls
  • Facades
  • Free standing screens
  • Curved forms
  • Parametric design features
  • Interior to exterior transitions


The earlier we are introduced to a project, the more time and effort we can save you as the designer or builder. To discuss your project, contact us using the form at the bottom of this page or by –

Phone: 1800 008 828

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What we offer

Sculptform Click-on Battens

Flexibility through modular systems

Our range of modular products allows us to customise everything from profiles to installation methods to suit a specific project. Curves, transitions and other unique design requirements can all be rationalised and documented with our timber and aluminium products.

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Supply and install contracts

To ensure a complicated installation procedure is completed by those who know the product best, we offer supply and install contracts. Only available on large commercial projects, our supply and install process offers the designer peace of mind that their project will be delivered as expected.

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Peace of mind

We understand that managing risk is a top priority throughout the construction industry. Our extensive experience both in supply only and installation contracts demonstrates our ability to provide a quality outcome, on time and on budget.

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Please note: Due to the costs involved, our custom solution designs are limited to large commercial projects. Our standard product range is available for smaller residential projects, provided they meet our minimum order quantity.

A custom solution – Arkadia Apartments

The spectacular entrance portals at Arkadia Apartments are lined with curved Spotted Gum battens which follow the unique form of the building. It was important for Designers DKO Architecture and Breathe Architecture to use timber, as sustainability was the core element behind the build. The natural warmth of the timber also married with the recycled brick facade, which provided a historical link to the quarries and brickworks that had been at the site in the past.

Collaboration with the designers and builder was crucial in allowing us to develop a method of delivering the design intent for Arkadia Apartments. The timber battens lining the entrance tunnels needed to curve along the length of the tunnel, while also raking to match the beautiful curved form. This was achieved through kerfing battens, and using our proprietary Click-on Batten system supported by some carefully consider support framing.

This was a new methodology for our team, so to ensure a successful outcome, a large prototype was essential. Our Bendigo factory was the home for this prototype, which provided all parties with an insight into the required processes.

After working through the design with DKO, we then engaged in a supply and install contract with Icon constructions, enabling us to deliver an awe-inspiring project for all stakeholders.

Other custom projects

The best way to show you how we can bring a unique design intent to life is to show examples of what we have achieved in the past. Over the years we have worked on a range of projects, each with its own specific requirements. View some of the more unique projects below.


Westfield Newmarket

Sculptform Solution Design - Westfield Newmarket

To create the spectacular feature around the Level 3 Skylight, a custom fixing solution was developed through a collaboration between us at Sculptform and the designers of the project, Scentre Group.

To achieve a dynamic look through the angling of some of the battens, we developed a system of using our direct fix clips attached to a custom angled backplate. The clips serve as the connection between our batten and the substrate and usually come pre-fixed at the required spacing. In this instance, Scentre Group took advantage of the direct fix clips, which allow the battens to be fixed securely without track behind them.

Unique features
  • Custom colour Wood Finish Aluminium, sourced specifically to meet project requirements.
  • Project-specific wooden wedge fixing method to achieve angled batten look. 


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Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre

The Oculus feature at the refurbishment of the Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre by Co-lab Design Studio uses our Wood Finish Aluminium battens to line the spectacular curves of the skylight.

The funnel shape of the round Oculus skylight raised complexities such as the need to maintain consistent spacing between battens from top to bottom. This required the use of a 3D model, to establish the necessary spacing between fixings before the mounting track was manufactured in our factory. Our design team completed this process, saving significant time on site.

Design and installation features
  • The complex shape of the existing structure added complexity to manufacturing, requiring significant calculations to ensure a smooth installation.
  • Wood Finish Aluminium used in the place of real timber to achieve a Group 1 fire rating. 
  • The work of our dedicated installation team took place at night while the shopping centre was open during the day. 


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