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Bellevue Hill House

A residence designed for luxurious living with a feature ceiling to match.

Bellevue Hill house is a dwelling of many features, ranging from minimalist to overtly grandiose. The four-story home is seamlessly integrated with the steep slope of the site, where Sydesign has created a truly magnificent example of what modern residential design can achieve.


Tongue and Groove Cladding


Spotted Gum
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ceiling styles and designs
ceiling styles and designs

Natural Colours

From the street side, the understated colours of each floor integrate effortlessly, incorporating recession and projection to give each floor its own identity. The interior of the house contains all the staples of a high-end residence, a cinema, sauna and cheese and wine tasting room. The colour palette of the entire property is stunning, using natural tones to give a warm and inviting aesthetic with a modern edge.

ceiling styles and designs

A stunning feature ceiling

By far the feature which exemplifies the luxurious nature of Bellevue Hill House best is the spectacular curved roof, which features a timber ceiling spanning from the internal living area to the exterior breakout area. This ceiling to soffit transition uses Sculptform’s Tongue & Groove Cladding to connect the two areas together, creating a sense of unity within the main living.

“The finished product with the spotted gum Tongue & Groove Cladding achieved all the aesthetic objectives of the client and design team to great success. Everyone who has seen the ceiling in the house is completely amazed”

James Deerness, Director

Technique Build

Sculptform - Bellevue Hill House - Case Study

The system behind the look

The curved ceiling consists of Sculptforms Tongue & Groove Cladding system, using Spotted Gum boards to provide the variability and detail which makes the ceiling a truly unique feature. The boards are coated in Cutek clear oil, ensuring their longevity in both the internal and external areas.

Specification Information
Product Sculptform Tongue & Groove Cladding
Material Timber
Species Spotted Gum
Size 68x19mm
Profile Sorrento
Coating Cutek Clear Oil

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interior wall cladding
interior wall cladding
ceiling styles and designs

“The specialised screw fix system made the installation quick and strong. The Tongue & Groove Cladding is definitely a superior product to other cladding systems out there and would highly recommend it for any timber cladding application.”

James Deerness, Director

Technique Build

Sculptform Bellevue Hill

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Technique Build


Bellevue Hill, NSW


Neil Fenelen


Single Residential

modern suspended ceiling

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