Folia Apartments

The word Folia in Greek means nest, and this is precisely what Folia apartments by Mirvac have delivered. Foliage adorns the many balconies, rooftop conservatory and kitchen garden, contributing greatly to the tranquil ambience which feels wholeheartedly organic. The residences are an inviting place to call home for their new occupants. 

Able to be seen from below are the prominent soffits on floors 5 and 6, lined with our aluminium Click-on Cladding in a strikingly realistic Blackbutt wood finish. 


Click-on Cladding


Blackbutt Wood Finish Aluminium

Just Like the Real Thing

The wood finish on the cladding appears abundantly realistic, cleverly achieving the look of real timber in both tone and texture. Our wood finish wrapping is produced in Japan using a state of the art system to ensure that there is no repetitive wood grain pattern present, helping it to achieve the aesthetic variation of real timber. It also features an embossed texture further replicating that of real timber along with the shadow lines which imitate traditional timber cladding.

Lining the soffit with our wood finish cladding contributes to the Folia’s aesthetic appeal and complements the surroundings (a former golf course). Wood finish aluminium is an excellent choice if you desire a no maintenance, non-combustible rainscreen solution. A textured matt finish is available in ten colours and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Flawlessly Curved

To achieve a precise curved edge on our cladding, each piece was meticulously rolled to the correct angle before being sent to site. There were 24 different L profiles in total and each one was labelled on the drawings to allow for an easy install.

The cladding was skillfully installed with trims applied to achieve a neat finish on the curved edges of each soffit. We provide trims for all of our products to help ensure that a clean finish is achievable. 

Can Take the Heat

Many construction projects have to meet guidelines to ensure they are fire compliant. This often limits the use of timber within a space and can be disappointing for designers as timber adds a certain warmth and earthiness.

We produced our wood finish cladding to be available in a range of wraps to replicate the authentic look of real timber, without the hazards. Our aluminium Click-on Cladding was chosen for Folia to meet combustibility requirements, as it is made from 100% Australian aluminium which has been thoroughly tested for fire compliance.

Specification Details - Cladding
Product Sculptform Click-on Cladding
Material Aluminium
Wood Finish Blackbutt
Profile 150x12mm Flat
Track 45x25mm Standard Mounting Track

Light on the Pocket and to Install

Click-on Cladding is a lightweight modular system renowned for being quick and easy to install. The system consists of lightweight aluminium extrusions and uses modular components for customisation. The unique clip connections replace traditional screw fixings, reducing time-on-site and ensuring an accurate installation without the need for specialist labour.

Cladding is also a great value management option, as it achieves the look of timber without the premium price tag. We are always happy to help with value management. All the tools and information you’ll need to fit a design to your budget are available here or contact us to speak to one of our value management experts.

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