timber battens

Joynton Avenue Creative Centre

A suburban creative hub merging old and new architecture.

The inner east Sydney suburb of Green Square is undergoing a transformation, with the city committing to over $540 million being spent to develop the town centre over the next 10 years.  A prime example of the stunning upgrades being made to the area is the Green Square Community and Cultural Precinct and in particular, the Joynton Avenue Creative Centre designed by Peter Stutchbury Architecture.


Click-on Battens


timber battens
timber battens

A Stunning Transformation

Occupying the former nurses quarters of the three-story Esme Cahill Building, the centre takes full advantage of the unique architecture of the structure. Incorporating features such as office studios, exhibition spaces and indoor and outdoor areas for hire, the centre is truly a place for the entire community.

The most jaw-dropping feature of the Joynton Avenue Creative Centre is the series of timber-lined archways which protrude from the front of the building. These archways actually extend from the interior arches of the structure, creating a unique feature extending from internal areas to external.

ceiling styles and designs
Specification Information
Product Sculptform Click-on Battens
Material Timber
Species Blackbutt
Profile 32x32mm Block
Spacing 5mm
Coating Clear Oil
Mounting Track Curving
Acoustic Backing No

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ceiling styles and designs
ceiling styles and designs

A visual statement

Using Blackbutt timber battens, the archways were meticulously installed by Lahey Constructions. With the archways acting as an extension of the existing building, walkways are cut through each one to allow passage through the interior. Showcasing the flexibility of the Click-on Batten System, these walkways are easily placed within the existing linear batten walls.

The exterior portion of the archways is where the aesthetic of the timber takes full effect, with the sizeable undercover area showcasing the colour of the Blackbutt battens. This visual appeal is then emphasised by negative space left in the top of the archways to allow natural light to shine through.

ceiling styles and designs

Project Summary


Peter Stutchbury Architecture

Completion Date



Lahey Constructions


Green Square, NSW


Michael Nicholson



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