Kildare College

Kildare College

Tasked with designing an impressive and modern visual statement, architects Walter Brooke have created exactly that in the new multi-purpose centre at Kildare College.

Kildare College in Holden Hill is one of 10 Kildare Ministries schools throughout Australia and has been open since 1966. With over 450 students, the new $4.5 million development is designed to provide a space that can be used for many activities. The feature facade incorporates curves easily, creating a simple, yet stunning look.


Facade Blades


Powder coated Aluminium
Kildare College
Kildare College

A Feature Facade

Giving the centre an immediate identity is the feature facade, spanning 270m², which wraps around the building. Using our Facade Blades system, Walter Brooke was able to design a unique facade by choosing their desired combination of blade sizes, gap and coatings. This design flexibility allows architects to create a signature look with ease. The system works using our unique bracket and rail connection, with the entire Facade Blades system engineered to allow for a range of looks while ensuring fast and accurate installation.

Kildare College
Kildare College

Incorporating Curves

The modular nature of the Facade Blades system means that curves are designed and installed with ease. With a range of rail and bracket options to suit any application, the system allows architects to create with no restrictions, even making parametric design features simple to specify. Kildare College used our standard 50x50mm rail, which can form to a minimum radius of just 3m.

Kildare College
Specification Details
Product Sculptform Facade Blades
Blades Size/s 50x150mm
Finish Silver Kinetic Pearl Satin Powder Coat
Gap 150mm
Rail Type Rail Type - 50x50mm Standard (powder coated to match)
Kildare College
Kildare College

Sculptform Supply and Install

The feature facade at Kildare College was supplied and installed by Scultpform, working in conjunction with a partner installer Nehco as a subcontractor. Our Supply and Install contracts are designed to provide value to the Main Contractor, our expertise in our systems ensuring we deliver a quality finish on time and on budget. Working with the curved forms of the facade added a layer of complexity, which was easily handled by our on-site project management team.

Every project has its unique difficulties, and Kildare College was no exception. A few challenges and the unique methods we used to overcome them included –

  • The Curving Radius

Working with any curved feature adds to the complexity of a project. The advantage of our Facade Blade system is that curves are easily dealt with via our proprietary system and our experienced project team. This is a key benefit in collaborating with us at Sculptform, our experience in dealing with projects allows us to overcome each hurdle, helping to stick to deadlines and manage the budget.

  • Labelled Components

Our install ethos is to complete as much work in our Australian factory as possible to minimise time on site. This habit serves us well in our mission to avoid disruption to the critical path of the Main Contractor. In the case of Kildare College, each blade was labelled before being sent out, allowing us to install them in the required sequence quickly and efficiently.

Kildare College
Kildare College
Kildare College

Project Summary


Walter Brooke

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Holden Hill, SA


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