Luxton Homes Office

Luxton Homes office fit-out, designed by Ridolfi Architecture with interior finishes by LUME Interiors, is, in our humble opinion, an understated design filled with class.

The design incorporates beautiful oak batten walls and ceilings, in both natural finish and a dark black coating.


Click-on Battens


White Oak

Black Timber Walls

Moody and dark. Two words to accurately describe the meeting room (and passage way). It’s complete with loads of textural qualities thanks to the linear timber walls, concrete flooring and woven sheers allowing soft filtered light into the space. Our Click-on Battens line the walls, which are both straight and curved.

Coating a timber in a coloured pigment doesn’t necessarily take away from the natural look of timber. The dark ebony coating that was chosen highlights the timber grain and natural features, especially when light is shone onto it’s surface.

Product Specifications - Black walls
Product Click-on Battens
Material American White Oak
Profile Block, 31x19mm
Spacing 15mm
Coating Natural Accent - Ebony
Track Curved mounting track
Acoustic backing Yes

Timber Batten Ceilings

Another meeting room and adjoining hallway features oak throughout the ceilings. Installed in straight lengths with a linear block finish the Click-on Battens ends meet up and then point in different directions, changing up the typical straight line ceiling design.

With polished concrete flooring and textured grey walls, the timber helps to bring some much-needed warmth to the spaces.

Project Summary

Architect + Interior Designer

Ridolfi Architecture + LUME Interiors


Luxton Homes


Melbourne, Australia






Dave Kulesza

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