Sculptform - Moving House

Moving House

An award-winning showcase of single residential design, Moving house by Architects EAT uses Click-on battens to create an amazing facade.

A singular mass from the roadside, Moving House is as much an optical illusion as it is an architectural masterstroke. An aluminium screen facade takes centre stage as the main feature, however the interior of the project is no less impressive. Concrete curves and skylights allow natural light and take advantage of the heat from the sun are just some of the incredible design aspects of this project.


Click-on Battens


Powder coated Aluminium
Sculptform - Moving House
Sculptform - Moving House

Feature Facade

The aluminium screen facade of Moving House sets the tone for the entire project. The facade encapsulates the entire building into a single form, creating a unique look for this single residential property. The linear texture of the battens provides an aesthetic which plays with the eye and changes depending on the angle of approach.

Sculptform - Moving House

Mixed Materials

The combination of the White Satin Powder coated Aluminium facade and interior concrete creates a unique aesthetic for Moving House. Concrete awnings jut out through the facade over doorways and extend to the interior of the house, where the material is used extensively.

Click-on Battens were used to create the amazing facade, using Satin White Powder coated Battens. These battens were spaced at 100mm, creating linear textures over the structure. Using aluminium battens allows the Ontrax to be placed at wider intervals, minimising the effect on the aesthetic.

Sculptform Moving House
Specification Information
Product Click-on Battens
Material Aluminium
Profile 50x50 Block
Spacing 100mm
Coating Powdercoat Standard Dulux Satin White
Mounting Track Standard - Powdercoated White
Acoustic Backing No

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Sculptform - Moving House

Project Summary


Architects EAT

Completion Date



Sargant Construction


Kew, VIC


Derek Swalwell


Single Residential

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