Sydney Coliseum Sculptform

Sydney Coliseum

The distinct grandeur of The Sydney Coliseum Theatre captivates guests as soon as they arrive and enter its spectacular walls. 

Designers Cox Architecture had an ambitious design intent to begin the theatre experience well before the stage curtains part, which incorporated Sculptform Timber Click-on Battens in Blackbutt throughout the project.  


Click-on Battens


Sydney Coliseum Sculptform

Stage Curtain Lends Inspiration

The Coliseum’s form is easily distinguishable; a prominent flowing concrete curtain sweeps across foyers and around the auditorium creating a fluid movement which mirrors that of a stage curtain. Two thousand square meters of our timber Click-On Battens were chosen to line the expansive walls of the theatre, foyer and heights of the atrium – with sunlight streaming in through the sizeable skylight and window panes. Timber Click-on Battens were installed vertically, creating linear textures which contrast with the organic curves of the Coliseum. 

Sydney Coliseum Sculptform
Sydney Coliseum Sculptform
Specification Details
Product Sculptform Click-on Battens
Material Timber
Species Blackbutt
Profile 32x60mm
Spacing 16mm, 64mm
Coating Clear Poly
Mounting Track Standard / Curving
Acoustic Backing Custom Double Layer Solution
Sydney Coliseum Sculptform
Sydney Coliseum Sculptform

Exceptional Acoustics

The use of timber Click-on Battens in the proscenium arch theatre creates warmth and an intimate atmosphere for the 2000 people it can seat throughout its two tiers of raked seating. In addition to providing aesthetic value, timber battens also lend significant theatre acoustic qualities, as they dampen medium to high pitched sounds. We worked with Marshall Day Acoustics to devise a custom solution to achieve the required Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC). We placed two layers of acoustic backing behind evenly spaced battens and put additional backing between wider battens to further enhance sound absorption. By positioning porous acoustic backing behind the timber battens in addition to leaving an air gap, a board resonator is formed which, when it vibrates, effectively dampens low sounds that are problematic for theatres. 

To calculate the NRC for your project, you can use our Price & Spec Tool. In this tool, you can input the variables of your project, such as the air gap and quantity of battens needed, which will generate an approximate NRC for your specific application. 

Sydney Coliseum Sculptform
Sydney Coliseum Sculptform

Timber Blends Design with Usability

Our timber Click-on Battens offer versatility to architects and builders. Battens are both eye-catching and practical and are perfect for a range of applications. In the Sydney Coliseum Theatre, they were able to create hidden doors throughout the complex. We achieved this by lining battens up precisely with minimal gap between door and wall to ensure they were as discreet as possible. The handles were shaped into the timber to support this effect and minimise visual disruption. 

The Coliseum delights all who enter and has quickly become a cultural landmark and home for theatre, concerts and entertainment in Greater Western Sydney. The venue will undoubtedly attract significant headline acts thanks to its awe-inspiring architecture. 

Sydney Coliseum Sculptform
Sydney Coliseum Sculptform
Sydney Coliseum Sculptform
Sydney Coliseum Sculptform

Project Summary


Cox Architecture

Completion Date



Hansen Yuncken


Rooty Hill, NSW


Guy Wilkinson



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