concept click aluminium battens

Timber Click-on Battens

Completely customisable, easily adaptable and quick to install—this beautiful system creates stunning linear effects for your walls and ceilings.

Sculptform Click-on Battens

How it works

Battens are simply push-clicked onto mounting tracks that are positioned behind the battens in a concealed manner. The tracks are fixed to the substrate prior to clipping on the battens. Batten clips are factory fixed to the tracks at the spacing sequence that is specified.

Sculptform Click-on Battens

Infinite design possibilities

The system gives designers incredible flexibility to create linear texture by customising a range of variables such as material, size, shape and spacing.

Price and Specification made easy

Fast and easy specification

We get that specifying quickly and to a budget is a challenge. Our interactive online tool allows you to drag and drop to create customised designs quickly while being clear on the costs.

Sculptform Click on Installation

Click-on installation

Our patented batten clip system allows installers to fix battens into place quickly, saving time and money on site.

Custom solutions

Our system allows us to customise everything from profiles to installation methods to suit a unique project. Curves, transitions and other unique design requirements can all be rationalised and documented with our click-on timber products.

A wide range of applications

Our system is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of applications.
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