Melbourne Airport T2

Melbourne Airport’s T2 International Arrivals Hall is part of the major front-of-house project redevelopment currently being delivered by internationally renowned architecture firm, Grimshaw, as Lead Architect.

Encompassing completely rethought architecture throughout the interior, including retail and amenity offerings, the design response provides travellers with a space that exudes elegance and well-considered composition. Providing a genuine welcome that justly introduces travellers to the wonderful city that is Melbourne and the state of Victoria.

The head-turning glowing ‘Melbourne’ sign, which is fast becoming a famous backdrop for special moments as travellers arrive, is completely composed of our timber Click-on Battens – a custom design solution.


Click-on Battens


Spotted Gum

First Impressions

The design of the T2 arrival area was motivated by a need to provide a quality visitor experience apt for a city renowned as one of the world’s most liveable.

First impressions are important, so the design needed to impress and also allow smooth functionality. Our timber Click-on battens are a distinct feature, most notably the prominent illuminating ‘Melbourne’ sign, which is fast becoming iconic.

The refurbishment provides additional capacity for passengers and increased circulation for ease of movement throughout the terminal. The project includes more seating, a larger dwelling area, an improved undercover taxi-wait zone plus repositioned retail outlets.

“The refurbishment is going to create a more spacious and inviting environment for our travellers while providing better connectivity to the rest of our terminal building. ”

Andrew Gardiner, Chief of Commercial Property and Retail.

Melbourne Airport

A Glowing Sign

Our team was approached by Grimshaw to bring their concept for the Melbourne sign to life.

Australian Spotted Gum timber Click-on Battens combined with integrated lighting creates the large glowing sign spelling ‘MELBOURNE‘, which protrudes from a wall situated as people arrive out into the terminal. It is a beautiful (and fast becoming iconic) backdrop for travellers, illuminating the many special moments with loved ones.

We devised a custom solution design to achieve the concept, which involved each batten being cut into different depths, each with recessed lighting. These were then installed along the wall to create the word, with no batten the same.

The protruding battens create the word, and since this creates depth, the sign can be read even when the lights are off.

“Travellers first impressions of a city are created at the airport. Our objective for the T2 Arrivals was to elicit a joyful, inherently Melbourne experience – where visitors start their adventure and Melbournians feel they are home.”

Andrew Perez, Partner

Grimshaw Melbourne

Project Specifications - 'MELBOURNE' Sign
Product Click-on Battens
Material Timber
Species Spotted Gum
Profile Block 32x60mm
Spacing 23mm
Finish Clear Poly
Track Standard Mounting Track
Acoustic Backing Yes

Lighting the Way

A prominent inclusion throughout the design is integrated lighting – either recessed into or installed between Click-on Battens. These act as a wayfinding device to guide travellers through the terminal or provides visually appealing lighting to areas.

The restroom entrance is a great example, with lighting recessed into the battens to create the forms of a man and woman, clearly showing where each area is located.

Lighting is easily integrated into Click-on Battens, as they can be cut to the precise area needed for a product to be inserted. Achieving precision and a clean finish.

Starring Spotted Gum

The ever-popular Spotted Gum was the timber species of choice, which exudes a polished Australian atmosphere and contrasts nicely with the shiny white interior, offering a balance of tones and texture.

The use of timber provides a warm and welcoming environment for visitors and aids in lowering heart rates and stress responses – biophilic design benefits that are considerably helpful in an airport environment where anxiety and stress are usually at heightened levels.

Project Specifications - Walls
Product Click-on Battens
Material Timber
Species Spotted Gum
Profile Block 32x60mm
Spacing 78mm
Finish Clear Poly
Track Standard Mounting Track
Acoustic Backing Yes

Follow the Timber

Click-on Battens were installed around the perimeter of the departures hall, acting as a wayfinding device, helping to smoothly guide travellers through the high traffic areas.

The timber is also an appealing frame for the view out of the window to the runways and aeroplanes beyond. Although there is less timber in this area, it still able to continue the atmosphere from the Arrivals Hall.

Passionate about Precision

The precision of integrated signage recessed into battens within Melbourne Airport is remarkable. Our state of the art machinery, passionate team and expert installers makes this possible.

Installers, Arc Plastering were responsible for the remarkable install of our product, true experts in their field. We are passionate about our product and strive to ensure that a perfect finish is achieved at every job.

 Aeronautical Inspiration

Sinuous curved lines are a significant component of the design which can be seen in many places. The entranceways to the arrivals hall feature vertically installed Click-on battens framed by Equitone techtiva and natura curved in a way that mimics the profile of an aeroplane tail. 

The project also included the installation of a contemporary indoor façade spanning 420m2– the same size as the wing area of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

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