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Spotted Gum

A beautiful Australian hardwood which combines extreme durability with beautiful unique grain patterns.

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Sculptform Wallan Veterinary Clinic
Sculptform Spotted Gum


Spotted gum offers a wide variety of colours, and as a species provides high levels of natural variation. Ranging from deep red-brown hues to blonde tones, the unique wavy grain of Spotted gum makes it an attractive option for designers.

For grade and colour variation features, see our Timber Variation guide here

Coatings Available

Spotted gum comes in a range of coatings to suit interior and exterior applications. We offer free samples in Click-on Battens and Tongue and Groove Cladding to show you the unique beauty of Spotted Gum.


The Price

Spotted Gum fits into an average price bracket, able to create a design to suit any budget. See pricing and specification data for the projects below in our Price and Spec tool.

Sculptform Cairns Performing Arts Centre

Cairns Performing Arts Centre

Cairns Performing Arts Centre (CPAC) by Cox Architecture creates incredible screens around a theatre with Spotted Gum timber.

356 Collins Lobby Area

Variable depth battens and integrated lights make this lobby area by Woods Bagot Melbourne a stunning example of the beauty of Spotted Gum timber.

The Data

Having all available data is invaluable when making a decision on which timber species to use. Find Spotted Gum specific information below or contact us to discuss how we can help you find a solution for your project.

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Applications Internal / External Cladding and Battens
Sustainability Available in PEFC 21-31-167 with a Chain of Custody for Green Star points. On request only.
Durability Class 1 - Greater than 40 years
Density (dry) 990kg/m3
Movement Medium tangential 6.1% (shrinkage across the board width)
Lengths Available up to 3.6m (contact us to discuss longer lengths)
Fire Rating Satisfies BAL 12.5, 19 and 29 under AS3959-2009.
Satisfies BCA C1.10a Group 3

The Projects

Our Click-on Battens and Tongue and Groove Cladding has been used on the following projects in Spotted Gum timber.

Sculptform Hidden Doors
ceiling styles and designs
Sculptform East Sydney Early Learning
Sculptform Cairns Performing Arts Centre

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