wood slat ceilings

20 Bond Street, Sydney

Fender Katsalidis has re-designed Sydney’s 20 Bond St, an A-grade prestigious office tower located amongst some of the CBD’s most well-known amenities.

The complex has a newly designed ground floor lobby including a cafe, a full lifting upgrade as well as newly designed showering and change room amenity for all occupiers.


Click-on Battens


Anodised Aluminium Blackbutt
Curved timber ceiling
Timber ceiling

Timber Ceiling

Timber and aluminium Click-on Battens in Blackbutt and anodised dark bronze adorn ceilings throughout the complex’s lobby area. A grand feature of the lobby is actually an expansive ceiling bulkhead, completely covered in straight blackbutt battens clinging to its curves.

This bulkhead contains 67m² of timber, enough to make a lasting impression on all who enter. The luxurious surrounds of the lobby such as dappled lighting, marble tiles and benches and glistening floors welcome the presence of timber.

Blackbutt timber ceiling

Flexible Design

A handy advantage of Timber Click-on Battens is the adaptability to different functionality demands within a fit-out. Due to the modular design, battens are able to be installed seamlessly within integrated light fixtures, security cameras, water sprinklers, speakers and more. These are all incorporated into the bulkhead, but you can’t spot any faults in design. Smart!

Timber battens are also found when you look up in the lobby’s sitting area, with lengths identical in profile and size to the bulkhead, helping to bring the areas together. Both timber battens are coated in a gloss finish. This finish helps light gleam off the surface further enhancing the highly desirable natural material.

Integrated lighting
Blackbutt timber

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Bathrooms fit for a King (or Queen!)

Although our products are not featured in this area, the complex’s bathroom and washrooms are simply delightful. Just being within them would make anyone happy! This would be mostly in part to their clever design, warm and inviting finishes and greenery adorning mirrors and ceilings in dazzling brass pots.

With towel holders strewn from the ceiling in curved forms, patrons simply swing their towels up and over these loops. Who knew it could ever look so good – all the while bring practical?

Curves really do steal the show in the vanity area. Oval-shaped mirrors and curving vanities wrapped in marble dome profiles are placed around the room. All equipped with all the amenities one would need.

Blackbutt timber ceiling

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Product Specifications - Timber Click-on Battens
Product Click-on Battens
Material Timber
Species Blackbutt
Profile Dome - 32 x 60mm
Spacing 50mm
Finish Clear Poly
Track Standard
Acoustic Backing Yes
Anodised Aluminium
Anodised Aluminium
Product Specifications - Aluminium Click-on Battens
Product Click-on Battens
Material Aluminium
Profile Dome - 50mm
Finish Anodised - Dark Bronze
Mounting Track Standard
Acoustic Backing Yes

Project Summary


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Marcus Clinton

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