The Spiral Staircase of Stephen Street

This house in Melbourne’s suburbs is a real demonstration of blending the indoors with the outdoors. A stand-out feature of the home is the spiral staircase on the exterior, connecting the first floor with the garden space and pool area.

Our Click-on Battens in a wood finish surround this staircase and are also used in other areas throughout the home’s design. Keep reading to find out more about this beautiful house!


Click-on Battens


Wood Finish Aluminium

White oak, or is it?

Catt Architects have produced a home with exceptional use of materials, lending a palette of different tones and textures to make one feel right at home. Complemented by the lush green garden landscaped by Mint Pool and Landscape design, the pool area lends a sense of luxury.

Within the kitchen our Click-on Battens are featured on the ceilings bulkhead, covered in an oak Wood Finish, the battens replicate the look of natural wood. Choosing aluminium battens means less maintenance and less combustibility, helping them to meet a range of fire compliance.

Product Specifications - Kitchen Ceiling
Product: Click-on Battens
Material Aluminium
Finish Wood Finish - White Oak
Profile Block, 25 x 50mm
Spacing 15mm
Mounting Track Standard 45x25mm

Spiralling Staircase

Perhaps the star of the exterior of the home is the stunning spiral staircase. Quite narrow in size and with many steps, the staircase connects the ground floor’s garden to the first floor above. As well as looking sensational, the staircase provides practicality. To save you venturing throughout the house after a session poolside, you simply ascend upstairs from the garden.

Click-on Battens in a white oak Wood Finish were also used to encase the stairs, providing support and fall protection as well as exquisite aesthetic value.

Product Specifications - Staircase
Product Click-on Battens
Material Aluminium
Finish Wood Finish - White Oak
Profile Block, 50x50mm
Spacing 15mm
Mounting Track Notched, 45x17mm

Project Summary


Catt Architect


Mil Contructions


Mint Pool + Landscape Design


Melbourne, Australia




Daniel Corden Photography



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