Sculptform Price & Spec tool

Ensuring your specification has the right amount of detail can be time-consuming. We understand that you need a specification that reflects your concepts, but don’t always have the time required.

Price & Spec is here to help, find out how you can specify feature walls and ceilings quickly and easily with our online tool. 


The steps to specifying with Price & Spec

Price & Spec is our drag and drop editor that allows you to create your own design, receive pricing, then download a complete specification. A design can be completed and downloaded in minutes, as shown in the steps below.

1. Drag and drop to create your design

The first step on the Price & Spec workspace is to drag and drop timber or aluminium profiles to create a sequence. Any combination of sizes, materials and coatings can be used to create your own signature look. When using Click-on Battens, the spacing between battens can also be customised.

2. Choose a timber species

If your design incorporates timber, then choosing a species is your next step. We offer 6 timber species, allowing for a range of budget and aesthetic options. Simply drag your timber species onto your design to apply it.

Sculptform Price and Spec

3. Choose a coating

When using timber, always remember to choose a coating appropriate for your application. We offer internal and external grade coatings, along with colours and tints shown here.

The coating choice will immediately be reflected in the price, allowing you to manage your design to fit your budget.

Sculptform Price and Spec

4. Acoustic data

To receive an NRC rating for your design, just choose if you are using our acoustic backing and provide the ceiling or stud cavity behind the system.

Sculptform Price and Spec

5. Save and export your design

That’s it! Your design is now ready to save and export. Save with the button on the top menu, then export straight from the specification table. The specification PDF contains all the information you need to specify, along with an all-inclusive square metre price.

See an example of the PDF download here. 

Find out more about Price & Spec.

Sculptform Price and Spec