Aluminium cladding

Our Click-on Cladding range has just expanded, with the second series of profiles just released. We created our new range to give designers a greater ability to create bespoke aluminium cladding surfaces that align with their design intents.

Watch our Product Launch Replay

We recently hosted a virtual product launch for Series 2 of Click-on Cladding where we unveiled our durable and fire compliant new system. We were also joined by Pro Clima, a worldwide provider of high-performance weather-tightness and air-tightness systems, and explained how to build a rainscreen with Click-on Cladding, addressing how to protect against water infiltration and fire compliance factors. Valuable information for any architect or designer! View the replay below.

Click-on Cladding virtual launch

Click-on Cladding is a highly customisable, bespoke rain screen system with aluminium extrusions to create rich textures with depth. The lightweight, modular system offers a range of profile suites that can be combined in any desired configuration to satisfy your design intent.

Sculptform Click-on Cladding typical build out

The system is highly versatile and diverse in its application and can be used for rainscreen facades, soffit linings, spandrel and pillar treatments, to name a few.


Sculptform Aluminium Click-on Cladding edge profile

Aluminium Cladding Profiles

Our new range of Click-on Cladding profiles provides you with greater opportunities to ensure your facade makes an impact. Our range of architectural cladding profiles complete with rich textures are sure to elevate any design concept.


This profile is an excellent alternative to standing seam products. It has the robust characteristics of extruded aluminium meaning it does not oil can and does not need a solid backing. Available in three sizes – 120x48mm, 180x48mm and 300x48mm.

Sculptform Aluminium Click-on Cladding edge profile

Fine Line

This profile features clean fine lines to add gentle detail to an area – a great alternative to an Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) in a modular Click-on system.

Sculptform Aluminium Click-on Cladding fine line profile


Designed to look like a modular batten facade, but give you all the benefits of a rainscreen cladding. Features both a 50mm and a 25mm Block profile.

Sculptform Aluminium Click-on Cladding block profile


This profiles’ scalloped curves bring texture and movement to any facade. It can be used in any combination of sizes to create a unique pattern. Available in 75x23mm and 120x23mm.

Sculptform Aluminium Click-on Cladding flute profile



Click-on Cladding Sample

Sample Request

We have a limited range of our new cladding profiles but if you would like a sample of our system, fill out your details in the link below to request a sample.



Aluminium Click-on Cladding

Mix and Match Aluminium Cladding

Any of the series 2 profiles can be combined to create various textures, from fine and clean to bold and distinct. This range of profiles helps break up large facades with subtle protrusions that create texture through shadow, depth, and tone.   


Aluminium Click-on Cladding finishes

Beautiful Finishes

The new range of profiles can be powder coated and anodised in a range of striking finishes. If the appeal of timber is what you’re after but want to avoid fire ratings or maintenance, our wood finish options can duplicate the beautiful details of timber.

view our finishes


Ease of Installation

The profiles feature an efficient Click-on installation with the track and clip system, replacing the conventional screw-fix approach. Our Click-on system has been developed to integrate with various wall and ceiling types and is a highly sophisticated system that is simple to specify and install.

You don’t need specialised tradespeople; any skilled carpenter can install our product thanks to its simple design, plus our installation guides and on-demand support are also very helpful.  

Click-on Cladding soffits


All of our Click-on Cladding profiles are deemed non-combustible according to AS.1530.1 and meet Group1 fire ratings and have been tested to AS 1530.3.

More details on compliance can be found here.

Download our Pricing Guide

Pricing for our Click-on Cladding system is provided in square metre rates (SQM), which allows us to provide accurate costings in short timeframes. For more information on our system and how we price it, click on the link below.

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