timber cladding

The Co-lab workshop, a centrepiece of the Sculptform Design Studio, is a tactile environment where you can interact with our whole product range. Everything from profiles, timber species, finishes, coatings, spacing and track types for each of our products can be explored. There really is nothing like holding the real thing in your hands and seeing the quality up close!

During your visit, you can even get your own tailor-made sample to take with you. Keep reading to find out more of what’s on offer within our Co-lab space.

A tangible product experience

The idea for the Co-lab is to allow clients to see and experiment with new and innovative products and techniques. A much better option for you than sending out our Melbourne sales team armed with samples and sales brochures. Our space allows you to be surrounded with our product line. Design wise, rather than burying the Co-lab at the back of the studio, it takes centre stage with a long glass wall allowing the process to be observed.

“The open location of the Co-lab within the studio is not dissimilar to the way the hospitality industry has moved over the last decade or so, with the open kitchen providing ‘theatre’ for diners. ”

Bruno Mendes, Principal

Woods Bagot

Our Co-lab workshop is designed for collaboration and product exploration. We’re able to ensure that you/your team are the only visitors at a time to help you recieve a personalised experience to help you gain a deep understanding of our products and their many capabilities.

Perhaps you are set on a design and are now wanting to see what it will look like in real life, or you want to explore your options to help you settle on a vision for your walls or ceilings. Our Co-lab space will help you in either situation. We understand you want to make the right decision and be confident about it, so with our Co-lab’s variety of product options, we’re confident you’ll find an option that suits your design intent.

An abundance of options will leave you spoilt for choice

Our product range currently encompasses our ‘Click-on’ products including, Click-on Battens, Click-on Cladding and Click-on Screens. Plus we have other options, such as Tongue and Groove Cladding and Facade Blades. Our Co-lab allows you to view and hold in your hands some samples of each of our products, and explore the impressive range of profiles available.

Once you have explored our product library and chosen the material, whether it be timber or aluminium, and the spacing, finish/coating, profile and track type; you will be set to see your own unique sample come to life to you to take home with you. You’re able to be part of the sample making process as well. You can ‘Click-on’ the product and put the coating on your sample.


Install a sample

We also have an area within our Co-lab to temporarily install your designs, either on walls of ceilings.

Pictured is the space which is fitted with tracks so we can easily Click-on a design to see what it may look like within a project. As sometimes holding a small sample really doesn’t cut it if you are experimenting with a design that is more unique.

Did we mention we can also help provide products outside of our usual range? We call this our custom design solution, allowing us to work closely with you and other suppliers to see your vision come to life. Prototyping is a big component of this process, with prototypes able to be installed in our Co-lab.

Experience all the Co-lab has to offer

Our Melbourne team would love to welcome you into our Sculptform Design Studio, located in Queen St, Melbourne. You can easily explore our Co-lab and any other area that takes your liking, by booking in below.