Brindabella Circuit

Touted as one of the country’s greenest business centres, the Canberra Airport Business Park has raised the bar even higher with 6 Brindabella Circuit. The building features two mixed-use environmentally sustainable buildings boasting gold WELL ratings.

Outside, across the expansive covered plaza, aluminium Click-on Battens in a Wood Finish feature. Designed to imitate Blackbutt, the underside of the roof brings warmth and biophilic elements to the outdoor area.


Click-on Battens


Wood Finish Aluminium

Impact on Wellness

While building performance is now considered an essential component of building design, a new focus on human performance offers occupants more opportunities to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. The WELL ethos extends to technology, which allows office lighting to change with the circadian rhythms of the body, softening the light later in the day as the sun goes down.

Getting fresh air and exercise is also made easy with a covered, landscaped plaza between the two new buildings and an oval on the doorstep. There’s also a gym and tennis courts nearby.

The well thought through design is driven by demand. Employers want to be an employers of choice, so they want to have co-working spaces, cafes, childcare – all the things that make many hours working in the office much more attractive

Wood Finish Plaza

The plaze which is coverd by a roof sitting high off the ground, is clad with Click-on Battens in a stunning Wood Finish.

Blackbutt is beautifully imitated with a high-quality printed wrap, which clings to the surface of the aluminium.

It is resistant to fade, meets fire compliance and is weather proof, making it perfect for outdoor areas.

Product Specifications - Soffit
Product Click-on Battens
Material Aluminium
Finish Wood Finish - Blackbutt
Profile 100mm x 25mm
Mounting Track Standard Mounting Track (Black)
Acoustic Backing Group 1 Fire Rated

Project Summary


Bates Smart


Construction Control


ABS Facade




Commercial Mixed Use


Canberra, Australia


The Pixel Collective

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