End of Trip Facility at 179 Queen Street

Who knew an end-of-trip facility could look so eye-catching! Our Click-on Battens, paired with integrated linear lighting, makes a beautiful illuminated statement for all who arrive and depart.

Designed by PTID, who specified Spotted Gum timber battens in a block finish to surround the facilty. Offering duraility and natural biophilic elements to a very urban area.


Click-on Battens


Spotted Gum

Durable Spotted Gum Click-on Battens

Spotted Gum is an excellent species of choice for an application such as this. As the timber is bound to recieve plenty of bumps and scrapes as people (and bikes) meander around it, choosing a durable timber species was paramount.

Spotted Gum is the toughest timber that we offer and is perfect for both interiors and exteriors. In this project, Click-on Battens were provided in set lenths, with a longer piece on top and shorter length, on the lower part.

Product Specifications - Timber Battens
Product Click-on Battens - Timber
Species Spotted Gum
Profile Block - 40x19mm
Spacing 40mm
Coating Clear Oil
Acoustic backing Yes
Track Standard mounting track

Integrating Lighting Within Battens

Integrated lighting was added within the Click-on Battens, which were precisely cut to allow the range of different shaped icons to slot within. Lighting also needed to be accessible so globes could be changed, with space added to allow for this to happen.

The lighting for this project was provided by Lightmoves, and together with our Click-on Battens, make a stunning feature on this facade.

You can find out more about integrated lighting and the many types available here.

Project Summary




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Melbourne, Australia




Dasha Kud

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