Lake Macquarie City Council Office

The fresh new fit-out of the Lake Macquarie City Council office designed by EJE Architects delivers a stunning workplace filled with colour-themed spaces.

Timber screens crafted from Click-on Screens and walls with Click-on Battens are strewn throughout, providing privacy, perfectly segmented office spaces and the valuable biophilic benefits of timber.


Click-on Battens


Blackbutt Wood Finish Aluminium

Welcoming Colour Scheme

The council’s office features new kitchens, meeting rooms, breakout areas, bathrooms, end of trip facilities and executive offices, all beautifully designed to ensure occupants feel at ease and supported while at work. 

A colour scheme of blue, green, whites, black, grey and warm peach and burgundy tones mix well with the large quantity of timber wall battens and screens. 

The Impact of Screens

Screens are dotted throughout the office fit-out. Used to separate open spaces into small areas for co-working, meetings and lounging. Two types of screens are used within the office, one made out of timber installed in the office and the other constructed from aluminium to meet fire restrictions installed along the staircases.

In open areas screens provide privacy, filtered light and section space into smaller areas for specific purposes. Many people prefer to work in offices with high visibility and a feeling of openness rather than confined spaces. Screens are great at achieving this within a design and provide a good balance between the two.

Product Specifications: Aluminium Screen
Product Free Standing Screen
Material Aluminium
Finish Wood Finish Wrap - Blackbutt
Profile 50x100mm
Spacing 100mm
Track Standard Mounting Track

Fluting Walls

A big aspect of the design is our timber Click-on Battens in a flute profile. These weave a detailed tapestry throughout the interior. They provide warmth with natural tones and texture, drawing your eyes toward them. Crafted from the highly durable timber species Blackbutt, they can withstand the knocks and bumps that come with high traffic areas and get better over time. 

Product Specifications: Timber Walls
Product Click-on Battens
Material Timber
Species Blackbutt
Profile Flute, 60x32mm
Spacing 20mm
Track Standard Mounting Track
Acoustic Backing Yes

Project Summary


EJE Architecture


Built Newcastle


Burgtec Furniture and Joinery


Lake Macquarie

Completion Date





Alex Macintyre

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