The Pavilion Performing Arts Centre

The Pavilion Performing Arts Centre, formerly known as The Sutherland Entertainment Centre, originated in the 1970’s with a primary focus on music.

CHROFI, along with NBRS, were tasked with re-designing the complex, starting with a design concept aiming to recreate a modern-day public venue, catering to a diversity of cultural and technical needs. It required an open outlook and needed to offer more to its community, both in terms of its relationship with its immediate surrounds but also in its spatial flexibility.


Click-on Battens


Australian Ash Blackbutt

The Magnificent Foyer

A grand feature of the pavilion redesign was an expansive foyer that acts as a veranda within the landscape. It is part of both the interior of the building and the public space around it, creating a shield around the building.

“This relationship can be one where the entertainment and what goes on within begins to feel like it is much more a part of the park, and the park should also feel that it is an extension of the building,” said Andrew Lamond, senior associate of CHROFI.

The entertainment centres versatile foyer space has a capacity in its own right to be the venue for a variety of public occasions. At times, it can be the place for audiences to gather before, during and after performances. At others times, it would be itself the venue for smaller informal shows, large banquets, exhibitions or speaker tours.

A Buildable Solution Devised

Our pre-construction team created a buildable solution to achieve CHROFI’s impressive design intent for the ceiling/soffit, spanning across the interior and exterior of the foyer space.

Click-on Battens at a block profile of 22x40mm were chosen, with custom halving joins spaced along each length of batten. The halving joins then meant other lengths of battens were able to slot into the join gaps to create the grid effect of battens overlapping. This created an intricate gridded look, resembling a woven tapestry of timber.

The Click-on Battens were then connected to ceiling tracks which connects to our suspended ceiling mounting track system.

We had previously devised the suspended ceiling system to make the install process simple and fast for suspended ceiling applications.This solution was perfect for this designs application. The suspended ceiling system consists of a connector clip design interfacing with suspended ceiling system Top Cross Rails (TCR’s). Offering strength and making specifying easier as well.

Product Specifications: Foyer Ceiling
Product Click-on Battens
Material Timber
Species Blackbutt
Profile 22x40mm with custom halving joins
Lengths Set lengths
Coating Clear oil
Track Suspended ceiling and standard mounting track

Stunning Auditorium Interior

Inside The Pavilion Performing Arts Centre is the main auditorium, a modern space for a range of performances and events designed by NBRS.

In the auditorium, the original flat floor has been replaced by tiered seating, and acoustics, accessibility and back-of-house functions have been upgraded. The mezzanine has been modified to improve view lines and the colours throughout the interior are controlled and classy.

Our Click-on Battens were specified across the first floor walls throughout the auditorium, blending nicely with the warm tones of the brown bricks stretching to the ceiling. Battens were crafted from Australian Ash and had a custom curved profile to add a unique texture to the walls.

Click-on Battens also provide exceptional acoustic benefits to a space, especially when coupled with acoustic backing in this instance.

Product Specifications - Theatre Walls
Product Click-on Battens
Material Timber
Species Australian Ash
Profile Custom profile, 40mm (wide) X 30mm (deep)
Coating Natural Accent Clear - Matt 5-10% Gloss
Lengths Random lengths
Track Mounting Track 30x25mm Black

Airy Alfresco Areas

The Pavilion Performing Arts Centre also has alfresco areas throughout, to further extend the feeling of the building connecting to its landscape and offering a space for patrons to enjoy refreshments before, during and after events.

The ceiling of the alresco area is clad in Tongue & Groove Cladding, crafted from Australian Ash and coated in a clear oil for durability within the elements.

Product Specifications: Alfresco Ceiling
Product Tongue & Groove Cladding
Material Timber
Species Australian Ash
Profile Sorrento, 138x19mm
Lengths Random
Coating Clear oil

Project Summary




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Sydney, Australia


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