Choosing a Timber Species

Our range offers a wide selection of timber species to choose from, each with their particular strengths. We understand that every project has unique requirements and the timber species chosen needs to meet them.

The range of timber species that we offer for our products provides an option for every design intent, budget and client taste. Helping you to specify your feature wall, ceiling or facade quickly and easily.

This quick reference guide is designed to help you narrow down your selection, with more detail available for each species below. If you require a species that isn’t listed or have unusual requirements for a project, contact us on 1800 008 828 or email to discuss your needs.


Timber species selection guide
Sculptform Spotted Gum Raw

Spotted Gum

timber battens

White Oak

Internal Cladding


timber battens

Vic Ash

Description Light brown to deep red-brown hues. With patches of white to light brown. Pale yellow-brown to mid-brown, sometimes with a pink tinge. Golden yellow to pale brown, a slight pinkish colour may be present. Pale to pink straw providing a light creamy coloured timber.
Application Interior / Exterior Interior only Interior / Exterior Interior only
Price $$ $$$$ $$ $$$
Weight 990kg/m3 755kg/m3 880kg/m3 660kg/m3
Length Max 3.6m Max 3.6m Max 3.6m Max 3.6m
Fire Compliance BAL 29, Group 3 BAL 19, Group 3 BAL 29, Group 3 No BAL rating, Group 3
Durability High Medium High Medium

Available Timber Species

Spotted Gum

Spotted Gum is an Australian hardwood which designers love due to its aesthetic variation. It’s our most popular species.

  • High variation
  • Cost-effective
  • Authentic Australian look



Popular for cladding and other external applications, Blackbutt gives a natural aesthetic that will survive the elements.

  • Versatile
  • High level of features (knots, etc)
  • Consistent colouring


American White Oak

White Oak gives a classic timber look with its blond to light brown tones.

  • Consistent colouring
  • Distinct grain patterns
  • Receptive to coatings


Vic Ash

With its straight grain and unique blush tone, Vic Ash gives a striking look to a feature wall or ceiling.

  • Straight grain
  • Long lengths available
  • Lightweight


Banjo Pine

Banjo Pine is a softwood whose availability and ease of use make it popular for all kinds of construction and decorative uses.

  • Exposed structural and non-structural applications
  • High level of features (knots)
  • Fairly soft and has a low density


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