Creating our Design Studio

A project close to our hearts, our Design Studio in central Melbourne is designed by Woods Bagot and utilises our Curved Timber Battens to create a stunning studio space for us to work collaboratively with our clients.

Working with Australia’s leading architects and builders is our strength, and the vision behind our studio was an environment to foster and enhance that collaboration process. Far from a typical showroom, the studio centres around the Co-lab workshop, where clients can interact and understand the practicalities of our products.


Curved Timber Battens


White Oak

Showcasing our expertise

As a space where we can work with our clients, the studio needed to showcase the best of what we could do without turning into a ‘patchwork quilt’ of ideas. Upon hearing of our new capabilities in commercialising steam-bent timber, project lead Bruno Mendes from Woods Bagot saw an opportunity to design something unique.

Learn about what our studio offers and how you can book a time to visit here. 

“The products and the process are the heroes, and what visitors will experience is a physical connection to Sculptform’s work – something that can’t be found online.”

Bruno Mendes

Woods Bagot

The journey from the initial idea to the completed project provided some key learnings for us, along with some headaches. Learn about the key reasons behind our studio vision and some key insights from the team at Woods Bagot in our article below.

Our journey

curved timber
Sculptform Design Studio curved timber

Creating curves

To create the sweeping curves of the ceiling to wall transitions and bulkhead feature, we utilised the method of steam bending. As part of our new curved timber battens range, this method creates seamless transitions between walls and ceilings and allows designers to create their curving vision unrestricted.

Learn more about our different options of steam bending and kerfing, read our article below on how to choose the best curved timber option for your application.

curving options

Sculptform Design Studio white oak

White Oak Battens

Popular all over the world, White Oak gives a classic timber aesthetic with its beautiful grain patterns and colouring. When choosing a species for the curved linings in our studio, we wanted to take advantage of these properties combined with White Oaks suitability for bending. All the timber battens throughout are coated with our Rubio clear coatings, which protect the timber while enhancing the natural grain patterns.

It’s all in the details

To showcase the flexibility our Click-on Battens system gives designers, we included several commonly asked about details into the design. Concealed doors, access hatches and integrated signage are spread throughout the studio, ready to be shown off as examples.

Sculptform Design Studio hidden door
Sculptform Design Studio hidden door
Sculptform and Rakumba collaboration

Rakumba, our lighting collaborator

Fitting in with the spirit of collaboration in the studio, we worked closely with our decorative lighting partner Rakumba to showcase their range throughout the studio. Rakumba will be proudly using the space as a showroom also, bringing through design professionals to see their products and discuss future projects. Learn more about our collaboration below.

Learn more

Sculptform Design Studio curved timber installation

The Installation

With our experience in managing our supply and install contracts, it made sense for us to manage the fitout of the studio ourselves. Our projects team delivered the complete installation, working closely with Exact Ceiling Solutions to install the curved timber throughout the project.

Click on the image below to see the timelapse video of our installation process.

Curved Timber Walls and Ceilings
Specification Details
Product Sculptform Curved Click-on Battens
Material Timber
Species White Oak
Profile 32x32 Dome
Spacing 25mm
Coating Rubio Clear
Mounting Track Standard
Acoustic Backing Yes
Sculptform studio events

Project Summary


Woods Bagot

Completion Date





Melbourne CBD


Peter Bennetts



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