Curved Timber Walls and Ceilings

Curved Timber Walls and Ceilings

See your curved timber design dreams come true! Stunning timber products for walls and ceilings - guaranteed to make an impact.

Curved timber walls and ceilings are a design choice you simply can’t go wrong with, delivering a naturally beautiful, organic flowing form. To make them simple for you to achieve, we have a range of curved timber products that deliver a big impact.

Curved and wave-shaped forms are inspired by the effortless beauty of mother nature. For any designer, including intricate timber curves can be difficult task, however we understand the situation you’re faced with and can help you throughout the process.

No curve or twist is out of our capabilities, as our manufacturing processes are second to none. There’s no one else (that we know of) who has the same abilities in timber curving to produce what we can in the realm of curved walls and ceilings.

Sculptform Curved Timber how it works

How do we curve our timber?

The process of steam-bending is our method of choice to accurately bend and curve pieces of timber. You’re able to select designs with varying degrees of curvature, providing you with options on how you want your design to look. As always, we want you to be able to envision something beautiful, while we take care of the buildable part.

The modular systems within our products enable you to overcome any design challenge, which occurs when you want to push the boundaries within design. We’re specialists at helping you turn your vision into a tangible timber feature wall or ceiling specification. Learn how we can help you create the perfect curved timber inclusion in your next project.

Meticulous joins for a flawless finish

Our patented Click-on Batten system can provide uninterrupted curved textures for any wall or ceiling. Each piece of curved timber joins up with the next via an end-matching system that seamlessly connects the pieces, contributing to a flowing organic form.

Timber tonal variation is an aspect you can enjoy with curved ceilings and curved timber screen walls, adding texture and further interest to what is already an impressive design choice.

Perhaps a curved timber screen?

If you want a curved timber wall that also provides some visibility, our Click-on Screens will help do the job perfectly. We are able to steam bend the pieces of timber batten and secure them to our tracks with a unique button connection.

Curved timber screens can also seamlessly connect with a curved timber ceiling. This is achieved with curved timber transition pieces, usually all with the same degree of curvature. Adding a curved concept to a screen design certainly elevates the effect it has within an interior, drawing the eye upwards and creating intrigue.

Sculptform curved timber

Precise curves every time

Once pieces of timber are steam bent in the Sculptform factory, they stay that way. Longevity is promised and a flawless finish is delivered. Curving timber is one of our crafts and our state-of-the-art steam bending machinery can create multitudes of curved timber at precise degrees of curvature.

Learn how to choose the best curved timber option for your next project below.

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