447 Collins Street

This Melbourne office space was created by Cox Architecture and is a tapestry of opulent finishes. Curves are a recurring motif throughout a carefully chosen assortment of timber materials that are all united in their various forms.

Click-on Battens, both straight and curved, are used to line the ceilings. Our specialised steam bending technology was used to make the curved battens, crafted from Blackbutt timber.


Click-on Battens



Tapestry of finishes

To create a contemporary yet inviting look, the curving features throughout the room are complemented by natural wood finishes, vividly hued stone, and earthy tones in the joinery and wall panelling.

Timber Click-on Battens installed in curved and linear lengths cling to the ceilings above a flurry of workplace activities taking place below. Blackbutt timber provides loads of warmth and the curved timber features finish off the long lengths of timber and curve upwards, connecting the eye with the floor above.

Curved Timber Battens

Our curved timber Click-on Battens make an appearance throughout this multi-level Melbourne workplace, adorning ceilings with an impressive curved form.

Crafted from Blackbutt timber, each individual batten is steam bent in our factory by skilled timber machinist’s who have ensured that each piece mimics the exact degree of curve needed for the design. Precision is so important when it comes to a clean finish with curved timber, and we have honed our process down to the finest detail to ensure we deliver a product that we are proud of.

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Product Specifications - Curved timber ceiling
Product Click-on Battens
Material Timber
Species Blackbutt
Profile Dome, 42x32mm
Finish Clear oil
Track Aluminium suspended ceiling mounting track
Acoustic backing Yes

Project Summary


Cox Architecture


SHAPE Australia


Concept Ceiling Design




Melbourne, Australia


Nicole England

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