Curved Timber Battens

Our curved timber battens allow designers and main contractors to create buildable, affordable solutions for their curved concepts.

Sculptform Curved Timber how it works

How it works

Our curved timber integration into our Timber Click-on Batten system combines simple and fast installation. Our curved walls and ceilings are achieved through Steam Bending.

Timber profiles are moulded in our Australian factory with a specially designed groove in the back which serves as the interface between the batten and our patented clip connections. These clips are provided pre-fixed to mounting tracks, which are quickly installed on-site before the battens are clicked into place.

Steam Bending

Suitable for interiors only our process takes the traditional art of steam bending timber and applies it on a larger commercial scale. Through a process of steaming and heating, the timber can be formed to the required shape without resistance. After the timber is held in place for the cooling period, it maintains the curved timber form.

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Curved Timber Steam bending


The process of kerfing involves cutting small notches in the back of the timber batten to allow the timber to be flexed around a substructure to create the forms or curves. The timber battens are provided pre-kerfed to site in straight, but flexible lengths. Suitable for interiors and sheltered exteriors.

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Curved timber kerfing

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If you have an enquiry or a question about your curved project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements. Our experienced staff are on hand to help you out with your design solution via phone or conference call.

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Features & Benefits

Sculptform curved timber

Create large scale curves

Our curved timber manufacturing methods allow designers to create large scale curves in the beauty of natural timber. Seamless transitions between planes such as a wall and ceiling provide a unique handcrafted aesthetic on a commercial scale.

A video showcase of our new Design Studio highlights our curving ability. View the link below.

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Arkadia Apartments Sculptform install

Systemising the Sculptural

We can manufacture curved timber on such large scale by combining the bending process with our Timber Click-on Battens System. The benefits of the established system carry across, ensuring customisation and fast, accurate installation.

To learn about how we integrated kerfing on a large scale in our Arkadia project, click on the link below.

Arkadia Case Study

Range of options

To allow unrestricted design with curved timber, we offer two different methods of bending – Steam bending and Kerfing. Each of these methods has a range of strengths, offering a solution that meets the unique requirements of each project.

Find out which option is most suitable for your project in our guide on choosing the best curved timber option below.

curved timber options

A wide range of applications

Our curved timber system is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of applications such as transitions between walls and ceilings, or impressive bulkheads.

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